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Following the example of many other, more sensible people, I’m going to post any MOCs that I’ve made here, in a single topic, as to not crowd up the forums, etc… With winter break coming up, I’ll certainly have plenty of time to put some together, but to get things started:

Ezlis (version 2)

Version 2 of one of my female Glatorian MOCs, although Ezlis is quite far removed from the usual glatorian build.

Meet Ezlis.

Ezlis is a Vorox, who traveled with Mistral for the last 200 years or so of Mistral’s exile. Mistral found Ezlis left for dead in the aftermath of a failed caravan ambush by Ezlis’ pack of Vorox. Although badly mauled, Ezlis survived and Mistral nursed her back to health. With no pack left, and little chance of survival on her own, Ezlis stayed with Mistral afterwards.

Side View. One of the main differences between this version and the previous one is the addition of waist articulation.

Although initially distrustful of Mistral, Ezlis eventually became a close companion of the exiled Iron Tribe Glatorian. Her hunting and tracking skills proved particularly helpful. Mistral noticed that, although she acted largely on animal instinct, Ezlis was capable of some basic communication, relying mostly on gestures, and was quite curious about her writing. Having spent much of her time in the desert trying to avoid regressing like the Vorox had, Mistral tried to see if there was anything left of Ezlis’ mind, and that she might be able to teach her more.

Rear view. The lower section of her body is quite bulky, representing the strong muscles at the base of the tail.

Ezlis proved to be a surprisingly quick learner. By copying Mistral, she learned to write by carving letters in rocks or clay with her claws. After some time, she also started to imitate Mistral’s speech, although her physical alterations made speaking quite difficult for her. She also had a few vague memories left of what had happened to her and the sand tribe. Mistral named her Ezlis after an Agori who she had worked with before the plague decimated the Iron Tribe. During the failed ambush, Ezlis had lost her tail stinger, so Mistral attached an old thornax launcher to it instead, since Ezlis was unable to hold one effectively with her claws.

Side detail of the body. Due to the way the Hordika necks are attached, she can sort of shrug her shoulders for no particular reason.

As is typical for a Vorox, she was altered by the Great Beings. Ezlis was altered shortly after the shattering, when the Great Beings had more or less given up on Bara Magna as a balanced, peaceful world, and as such were experimenting away without much care for the consequences. This shows on Ezlis; although the basic parts are there, her body bears little resemblance to that of the Glatorian she used to be. Her face resembles that of a Zesk, with four eyes. Her tail is large and powerful, but heavy, so she stands and walks in a dinosaur-like way, using the tail to counterbalance her body. Her hands are three-fingered talons, which allow her to hang on to large prey while tearing into them with her jaws.

Ezlis demonstrates her dinosaur-like way of walking.

Over time, Ezlis went from being more or less Mistral’s pet, to traveling companion, to a close friend. Although she still looks like fearsome desert creature, and hunts like one, Ezlis is surprisingly gentle, caring, and for a Vorox, quite smart. When Mata Nui fought the Makuta, Mistral and Ezlis entered the battle below, saving several Agori and fighting alongside the Glatorian. Thanks to this, they were able to rejoin society after the battle was over. Ezlis and Mistral now live with the relocated Fe-Matoran, where Mistral has once again become a master blacksmith. Although mostly dependant on Mistral in the civilized society, Ezlis keeps and sells small pet rahi, who she is actually able to communicate with to some degree.

Silistra (version 2)

The last one of female Glatorian MOCs I made originally, this second version of Silistra has a completely reworked body.

Meet Silistra. Don’t worry, she’s not as fearsome as she looks

You wouldn’t tell by looking at her, but Silistra is actually Kiina’s younger sister. They have very different personalities, though, and for a long time the sisters lived very separate lives. Silistra was originally named Sala. Her parents were fighters, earning a meager living by fighting in the arena and working as caravan guards. They died when Sala was very young, roughly equivalent to a four or five year old human child. Kiina was older (think early teenage years), but not old enough to legally take care of her sister. With no close living relatives, they were instead adopted by an old Glatorian woman named Tuletha. Already headstrong and independent, Kiina took to the streets instead, earning a living by doing all sorts of odd jobs (polishing armor, etc…) and living in a small shack on a roof (think Aladdin minus the monkey).

Close-up of the reworked body. The “Nuva boobs” would be excessive or downright comical on my other glatorian-sized MOCs, but since Silistra isn’t exactly small to begin with I think they work well enough.

Tuletha was one of the village elders in Tajun, and very wealthy, so Sala entered into the life of the Tajun nobility, becoming the daughter that Tuletha never had. She was renamed to Silistra, a name which roughly translates to “treasure”. Tuletha’s role as one of the most respected village elders kept her busy, so Silistra grew up being taught by various servants. She was very artistic, and loved painting and weaving. Her artwork was hung up on the walls all over the large house. There were downsides to the high life, however; she was a bit of a shut-in and didn’t have any friends her age to play games with. Tuletha was more of a generous grandmother, willing and able to give Silistra anything she wanted. Having spent her first few years often going hungry, Silistra had a voracious appetite, and she was almost constantly munching on something the house cook had thought up. Due to this, her weight skyrocketed.

Back shot. The main reason that I reworked Silistra was the hollow back of the first version, which has largely been fixed.

Several years went by like this, until Tuletha passed away. The closest thing to a living relative, Silistra stood to inherit everything, but under Tajun law she wasn’t old enough to take over Tuletha’s belongings yet (at this point her age was equivalent to that of a 14 or 15 year old human girl). Instead, she was dropped off at Kiina’s hut, since Kiina was now old enough to legally take responsibility for taking care of her. Kiina’s jaw practically hit the ground when she saw the state that her sister was in; Silistra didn’t even fit through the small doorway into Kiina’s rooftop shack. Very much of the opinion that a Glatorian should learn to take care of herself, Kiina wasn’t very excited by the idea of having to take care of her pampered, obese, lazy sister.

Rockin’ the axe. This would be a two-handed weapon for most Glatorian, but Silistra isn’t lacking in strength.

Silistra found street life under Kiina very rough. She had to learn to do some of the various jobs Kiina did, and use her earnings to provide for herself. On this meager budget, she couldn’t afford the plethora of foods she had access to before, and her weight dropped quickly, although she’d never reach the “lean” standard. She didn’t have the patience or skills to do armor repair and polishing or any of the other detail-work jobs that Kiina did, but she wasn’t lacking in strength, after lugging her weight around for years, and so took jobs in construction and loading or unloading trade caravans instead. It was dirty work, and she didn’t like it, but it paid alright and she was able to get a small apartment to live in, instead of the ramshackle hut Kiina had made for herself. From that point on, the sisters saw little of each other; Kiina figured she’d done enough to get her sister onto her own feet, and was now busy training to become a fighter like their parents had been. Silistra felt Kiina had more or less abandoned her to make her own way.

The main challenge of such a bulky build was maintaining a good degree of posability, but I’ve just about managed it, I think. Silistra can sit…

When she was old enough, Silistra officially took over Tuletha’s old home and belongings, which had been kept by the servants until that point. She turned her attention back to painting and weaving, and started to work on sculpting as well. She also tried to get closer to Kiina again, but Kiina never really shook her view of Silistra as a lazy, pampered child and didn’t want to have much to do with her. At one point, Silistra offered Kiina a room in the house, but Kiina refused, as as she hated the idea of relying on others for anything. It wasn’t until after the reformation, when Kiina was mourning the loss of Mata Nui, that she took up on Silistra’s offer, and the sisters lived together after that.

… turn too look behind her, using waist articulation…

As was customary for members of the Tajun nobility, Silistra had her own custom armor and weapons made by a well-respected blacksmith in Vulcanus. The metal armor was expensive, but adorned with intricate patterns that Silistra had designed herself. The armor was more of a ceremonial thing, and traditional duels between members of the Tajun nobility were elegant affairs where the technique and style of the fighter were emphasized, rather than the winner-gets-all struggle of the arena fights. Silistra was never too interested in fighting or mastering a particular style, and she didn’t have the body for an elegant battle style anyways, so in defiance of tradition she chose a large axe, rather than an elegant blade, as her weapon.

… or just look fearsome coming at the camera. The Hordika feet actually provide very good balance, even though she’s heavy enough that I had to re-enforce the cardboard stand she’s usually displayed on.

With her bulky body and heavy weapon, Silistra looks intimidating, but in truth she wasn’t fond of fighting and rarely participated in any duels. During the final battle for Bara Magna, she and other members of the nobility did participate in the fighting. Compensating for her lack of skill and training with brute force (she could nearly match Malum in brute strength), Silistra was actually quite capable of holding her own against the Skakdi and Rahkshi that swarmed the desert. After the battle, she had a mansion built in the new city of the water tribe and Ga-Matoran. She became a well-known artist, particularly for her paintings of the battle for Bara Magna.

As usual, and comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism are welcome!


No one else has said it yet soo…



Ah, that most intelligent of Vorox quotes :smile:.

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Nuva shoulder boobs?
I mean…



Congratulations on offending approximately fifteen percent of all MOCers.


Ezlis is pretty good.Colors are mostly consistent (although I don’t think the silver suits her), and the build is alright. I’m not impressed much by Silistra (probably the head’s fault.)


But it’s just so awkward… And overused too.

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Not always awkward. Notice what Scorpion Strike said, he paid attention to the proportions they have in comparison to the body, and found that it pulled off the effect he wanted without making her pure eye candy. It’s when the Nuvaboobs are drastically too large (or too small) in comparison to the rest of the figure when there are problems.

(That being said, I do think they are rather large here, but that might be the effect he wants.)

I’m planning on designing a custom helmet for her eventually, so the current head is mostly an interim measure. I agree it looks rather haphazard.

And let’s not forget those


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These look decent to good, but I’m just going to echo Stormy here.

So, sorry for the delay in reviewing these.


Legs: The silver kinda bugs me, but the legs are okay.

Body: Pretty clever build, and bonus points for being able to shrug (I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of MOCs I’ve seen that can do that. The brown-and-tan shoulder plates are a bit high.

Tail: I know the focus is meant to be on the tail, but it seems a bit long. Also, you’re giving it a powerful stinger tail, so why doesn’t the tail have, y’know, a stinger? </strike through> (rereads description) Oh, that’s why. Never mind, then. Also, I just realized the mid-tail is custom, which is really neat.

Arms & head: simple, but effective.

Overall: Simple, but effective. Good color scheme, complex body, can shrug. My only real complaint is the length of the tail.

Edit: I’ll review Silistra later.

It’s tasteful, origional, and it’s never been done before. Ever.

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Question! Is Silistra (or whatever name :c) is suposted to Be berserk F-male? or atleast… Coughs Fat? Just wandering

Well of course you would

Just fat, really.

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The first one try to change the blue and red pins on the back and at the claws if you can.

anyway nice mocs

I’ve been working on this one for a while; it’s my self-moc: Scorzen. He’s a toa of sonics.

Meet Scorzen.

Scorzen marks a lot of firsts for me:
*1st titan-sized MOC
*1st toa (up until now it’s all been Glatorian and the occasional rahi)
*1st MOC with complete custom limbs and hands
*1st MOC with lateral bicep movement (looking at you, @Nyran)\

Scorzen was originally a De-Matoran living in the city of Voya Nui, which was founded by many Matoran who used to live on the island of Voya Nui. The city was founded at the foot of a volcano located right on the spot where the Aqua Magna, Bota Magna, and Bara Magna segments of Spherus Magna joined. The volcano, named Mt. Valmai by the Matoran (after the volcano on Voya Nui), was very active at first, but over the years activity died down. The layers of cooled magma made for very fertile farmland, and Onu-Matoran miners found many rare minerals and metals which had been dragged up from deep below ground by the rising magma. The city rapidly grew and became an important trade hub. Since it was located right at the juncture of the three worlds, however, it also experienced the worst that all three had to offer. Large, fearsome Rahi, originally native to Bota Magna, proved to be a major threat to the Matoran. To protect the city, six Matoran were chosen to become toa. Scorzen was one of them.

Side view.

Scorzen used to live in a small De-Matoran settlement, close enough to Voya Nui to be considered part of the city, but far enough away from the busy city center so that the De-Matoran were not bothered by the city noise. Scorzen worked as a farmer. During one trip into the city, he overheard that the Le-Matoran band “Kikanalo Stampede” was holding a concert. Out of curiosity, Scorzen went to the concert. Normally, De-Matoran prefer a very quiet environment, so Scorzen had not heard music before, and he was hooked on the first song. Afterwards, he started to experiment with playing various instruments, an activity which quickly made him very unpopular with the other De-Matoran. To avoid being a nuisance to everyone, Scorzen moved to the edge of the city, where he shared an apartment with a Fe-Matoran named Tikal. A miner and crackpot inventor, Tikal was always messing around with a gadget of some kind. The two became very close friends, and Tikal even rigged up some unique instruments for Scorzen to play (up until then he’d borrowed instruments from other matoran).

Rear view.

Scorzen and Tikal both became Toa, with Scorzen becoming a Toa of Sonics and Tikal a Toa of Iron. The other members of their team were Toa of Water (the leader), Earth, Fire, and Lightning. The new Toa called themselves the Toa Valmai. They had a rough start; the rahi from Bota Magna, many of which would make a Scopio look cuddly, were terrifying opponents. The Toa Valmai learned quickly, however, and Tikal applied his skills in constructing various traps and more advanced weapons to deal with the threat. Eventually, these evolved into a full-blown defense network for the city, which could, if needed, be manned by the matoran only. This made the Toa Valmai rather unnecessary, and one by one they set off to find adventure elsewhere, until only Scorzen remained.

Close-up of the body. Scorzen does have waist articulation, although it is somewhat limited. Also visible is one of his pistols in its holster.

Unlike most toa teams, the Toa Valmai kept a large arsenal of weapons, and they regularly switched them depending on what kind of enemy they expected to face. Scorzen always carries two small pistols as secondary weapons, although they’re more for show and appearance, since they are largely ineffective against the large rahi that still occasionally threaten Voya Nui. His usual primary weapon was a curious device called a Sonitone, but he also kept several others, mostly projectile weapons of one sort or another. As with most of the weapons wielded by the Toa Valmai, Scorzen’s weapons were constructed by Tikal.

Scorzen wielding his pistols.

Scorzen wielding the Sonitone.

Usually Scorzen’s primary weapon, the Sonitone was originally intended as a musical instrument. With some modification and with help from Scorzen’s sonic powers, however, it is a very potent weapon, capable of firing sonic blasts which can disorientate, stun, or even kill a target. To use it, Scorzen focuses his sonic powers to make the point on the back vibrate. The vibration is transmitted down into a drum, where it is amplified, and then blasted out from the tubes in the front. Though powerful, the Sonitone does have the drawback that there is a significant delay between the “trigger” and the weapon actually firing, and therefore it is very difficult to hit a moving target.

Close-up of the Sonitone.

Scorzen with his hand cannon.

This six-shot hand cannon was originally constructed by Tikal. It’s not the most accurate of weapons, but it will fire just about anything that will fit in a cartridge, including large iron balls, explosive charges, flares, shrapnel, potatoes, etc…

Scorzen with his sniper rifle.

Since it is rather large and unwieldy, Scorzen mostly uses his sniper rifle in static overwatch positions, to support the other Toa Valmai in a fight. Since they left, he hasn’t used it much.

Close-up of Scorzen holding his sniper rifle.

Scorzen’s tri-cutter.

Scorzen prefers to fight enemies from range, and this tri-cutter is the only melee weapon he regularly wields.

Scorzen rocking out with his guitar. The strings are just rubber bands stretched between some “mechanical claw” pieces.

The guitar is Scorzen’s primary instrument, but he does play keyboards and drums as well. The Sonitone can also be used as a musical instrument; when the spike is removed, it can produce a sound similar to that of a digeridoo.

Closer view, showing how Scorzen holds the guitar.

Scorzen’s guitar on its own.

Concept sketches for a non-mutated Kanohi Crast.

Although he currently wears a Great Matatu, I’m planning on replacing it with a non-mutated version of the Kanohi Crast that I’m working on. If I wore a Kanohi Mask in real life, it would definitely be a Crast or Matatu.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?


The Sonitone was originally designed for an inika-sized build, however Scorzen is titan-size, so I’ve reworked the Sonitone to match. Behold: the Sonitone 2.0!

The Sonitone 2.0: bigger and better.

Due to the increased size, it is now a two-handed weapon, which is fitting enough since its his primary weapon anyways. The firepower is impressive as always, but just because it’s two-handed now doesn’t mean it’s any easier to aim. Luckily, Scorzen has the telescopic eye on his Matatu to help with that (for now).

Hang on, I’m aiming…

Detail of the body.

It works in the same way as the previous version (in my imagination), and the spike could be replaced with a mouthpiece of some kind to make the Sonitone into an instrument for making music, as opposed to an instrument of destruction.

Comments, Suggestions?


* Inhales *

He's gorgeous.

. . . . .

I love the variety of instruments and weapons, and the technic/armor style of the involved custom build is fabulous. Torso looks a little stressed with that blue pin in the middle of the sonic shield breastplate, but I assume there’s nothing you can do about that. Only thing I’d think to tweak is popping in some ball-joint mixel eyes in the open sockets at the top of the arms, just as a shaping thing.

Other than that-