Scrappy The Collector

The youngest of the scrap collectors covered in scrap armour and prepared to collect parts for his brother


Cool moc bro

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A rather good MOC. Combinations of CCBS and System are always nice to see.

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He accidentally posted a version without pictures.

Anyways, good moc. The system is nice

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Man, Doc Brown really let himself go.

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Thx I gets featured on vens moc spotlight I was inspired by the moc called aurthur

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Pretty solid MOC man! I really like that belt and the custom head.

Honestly, the worst part of this guy is the photography. Try turning your flash off and lighting the MOC with some desk lamps. I also recommend finding a blank background (a bed-sheet would work great) and setting the MOC up in a dynamic pose.

Thanks for the advise ill try it out tomorrow and post it up aswell as mabey gve him a small pet companion

I really like the combination of CCBS and System