ScrewTape (Monochrome MOC contest)

so this is screwtape hes was catfish but i changed his name because be people clicked on the topic thinking they would see some tasty food so i didnt do much to him but i did give him longer arms and different legs (because alot of you and a i didnt like them) and gave him a new eye color


Edited Title to be more clear - Sp00py Distraxx

that wouldn’t happen this is TTV

As for the MOC, it shares some of the same problems as previous versions.
But besides that, it’s great.

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hey, it’s a mini @Ekorak almost

anyways, this isn’t too bad, with nothing inherently wrong with it, other than the sea of silver.


it wasent intended to be a @Ekorak but now that i look back on it i kinda looks like it


The new name made me expect a monstrous parasite, being a hybrid between a tapeworm and a screwworm :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the moc, I like the look of that ribcage on the back creating neat curved spikes on the sides of his body; nicely complemented by the spiky vorox armor on his shoulders. Could use more purple for more flare IMO

His arms are a tad short, but it’s a solid MOC overall.

Actualy Screwtape is the name of a demon from the book The Srewtape Letters not a worm

He looks pretty good to me. He’s big, looks sturdy, and has some good proportions. But given how the title mentions “Mononchrome,” I feel you should add some more blue if a Blue/Silver Monochrome color scheme is what you are going for… or is that purple? Whatever color it is…

what is this masterchief figure
i have to know

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Kotobukiya ARTFX Halo Mjolnir Mark V Armor Statue artfx+

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If I’m honest with myself,

That grunt is more interesting to me than the point of this topic.

Not to insult the MOC but that grunt is pretty good.

Does he Write Letters and did he propose a toast?

Looks good, but the claws (which break the colorscheme, mind you) make him look like he has nail polish or something.

…lmao wut?

Unrelated, but can I get some pictures of that grunt?

Very nice. I like the claws.

One of these things are not like the other.

Yeah, one has a doofy face instead of a Mask/helmet.

I like the piston things on the sides; very Toa-Mata-esque, but with a twist.


Halo Grunt i already made a topic about it