Hey, it new MOC from me! Yey! With this one, rather than try to innovate and improve my building, I tried to make something genuinely unsettling. I hope I succeeded.

“Good, you’re coming around. Firstly, I’d like to commend you on the craftsmanship of this sword. It would help my reseach greatly if you could tell me where I could find the subject that made it.”

“This procedure will be quick, but I cannot confirm it will be painless due to my limited understanding of it. Would you be willing to help me expand on what notes I already have on the subject?”

“How very interesting. Your fluids seem to glow more than other subjects’. Could you tell me why that is?”

“Tell me, why should I stop? Why should I put this mask back back on your face? Most subjects never survive to this point in investigation, so your input is most valuable.”

So that’s the MOC! like I said before, I wasn’t going for complexity rather I was trying to convey a feeling. I used uneven proportions and backwards joints to try and make him unnatural, and I found that a science project from 5th grade can make for some great lighting. As always, criticism is welcome. And before we go, I have probably the scariest picture I’ve ever taken.


The black background makes it kinda hard to see it in detail… I would suggest taking the photos on a different background.


Remind me to never go to him for a vaccine.

Maybe try to use more black pieces instead of variour shades of gray? I think that would make him look more “unsettling”.