Sculpting Project - WIP

Not sure where to categorize this, but yeah, I got a new program and am trying it out. I’ll try to keep it updated as much as possible. I think this’ll turn out to be an Okotan, but here it is in a very early stage:

So yeah, upper body only, but it’s pretty detailed already. Still learning the program itself, so it’ll be an adventure. Sorry for the constant posts on Creative Content, I’ve been uploading things I’ve had for a while, and decided to put this on as one of my ongoing projects. Hopefully, this one doesn’t die out.


Personally while having no experience in digital 3D models I think the arms are tooo small.

The arms may be a little small, but I look forward to the finished result.

An Okotoan…? Looks human so far; interested to see how it’ll turn out in the end…

Yeah, well my style of Okotan is a bit more organic than other depictions, almost Agori-like.

Feet are a bit of a pain. Hope the proportions are ok.

Honestly might do another redo. I saved this one and decided to start with the head on a second sculpture.

So, instead of redoing the whole thing, I added the head onto the previous body.