Seam, the seapkeeper

One of my favorite characters from Deltarune. Decided to doodle him. I might color this and use it as a profile pic for my Deltarune Tumblr, Ask-Seam. There’s more to this character than just a humble shopkeeper.


I really like what you did with him!

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Thank you so much! I look past his spooky and mysterious nature, and interpret him as someone who’s old and worn. An old soul who just enjoys company and having someone to talk to. Someone to play games with, talk about the past, and sit on a porch to watch the fields while drinking tea.

I do see him having many secrets, and that those secrets do leave a weight on him. It’s rare for him to find someone to console in, and rare for him to find someone he knows he can trust with those secrets.


Wow, you really looked into him!

(That kinda reminds me that I need to finish my Rouxls Kaard painting]

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Looks good!

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This looks amazing! Great work.

While not my favorite character from the game, I did find him pretty interesting.

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I can’t wait to see!


Thank you! :blush:


Thank you! Yes, he is very interesting. I feel like there’s more to him than just a simple shopkeeper.

Well he does have a pretty personal past with Jevil, and there’s probably more to explore in that area. Hopefully he’ll appear again in the next chapter.

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