Second face on mask of creation?

tell you what that strongly reminds me of the grinch

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I see it, man. But I don't think it's intentional, nor do I think we have confirmation on what mask that is.

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whoa man

The mask is the Mask of Trolls!

Mask of the Hype Train! I'll tell you that!

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Can't Unsee.

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Looking at it, I think it reminds me of uh, what was it...Nightmare before Christmas. Dunno why. The second face just does.

If it is the Mask of Creation, I think those are the designs representing the different cultures of the Matoran Universe.

Ah, I see. So there are Matoran who find Nightmare Before Christmas to be a Cultural Icon.

Matoran have really good taste, it seems.

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Yes, it would seem so...

that is so odd! it might be like Vezons mask with the whole mask of life attached to it.

do you mean the grinch




First off @CausticKrana comparing it to the Master Control Program was an interesting idea and, as it turns out, they do look similar.

Secondly, it seems to be human nature to look for faces in things e.g. a friend of mine sees faces in the designs of the back ends of cars, and this

actually is a face.


Nah. it's a coincidence. The Island is a face, but the robot? Not a chance.