Second Life

A cherishable game, sometimes hindered by it’s rather odd population… Yet still, it is very remarkable how the game managed to hold an economy not unlike the real world.

The whole MMO is player-run and player-made - Even more, you can actually make Real-life money… if you are a skilled graphical artists, that is.

Or if you run one of them sketchy businesses… You know which.

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Never heard of it, do you have a link to a site about it?

Welp it’s unlucky, celebrating its 13th anniversary XD

I would say the game is far from unlucky actually. Basically for any fandom that exists, there is a group…

I kid you not, I saw a Bionicle one too.

I would join that

Only saw dunkey’s video on it, looked crazy.

This one?

Mature Warning:

Yeah, the game is pretty much on it’s head.


Yeah that one, the game is crazy but I can see how it can be a load of fun just screwing around.

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I use it for two things. Mainly for Star Wars Roleplay and secondly to make fun of people who take the game too seriously. :smiley:

You can get a good laugh out of it.

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This is how Ralph Bluetawn was born. even though he was just a reskin

I am intrigued.

This could be a terrible idea…

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Oh trust me…

Imagine the worst thing you possibly can…

Alright, got it?

Now imagine thing ten times as bad and wrap it into an MMO…

That’s Second Life for you, pal.

What a lovely day!

Probably tomorrow. That shall be the lovely day…

If you want your experience to be less painful watch The Yellow Submarine Movie and get the feeling of how the game will look.

I’d rather go in blind.

So as not to ruin the magic…

I guess you could call it “magic”

BTW Did I mention you can watch movies in that game?

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What do you mean by this?

My troll bones are twitching

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You can watch real-life movies in Second Life in Theaters.