Secondary Self M.O.Cs

What would your secondary M.O.C be, if you we're going to make one: A Hero or A Villain?

I think you're referring to Self-MOCs, so here goes.

My own Secondary Self-MOC is "Nightmare." For G1 he was a Makuta, for G2 he's a Demon Lord. Yes, that does imply that he is a villain, alongside Ekorak, although Ek is more neutral that evil.

I also have two Primary Self-MOCs, with the first very obviously being Ekorak. The second is Rai.

Unless of course you are referring to Hero Factory "Heroes" or "Villains," in which case......

Never made a Hero Factory Self-MOC, never will.

I don't understand the concept of having several self-MOCs. If you can't make one or even two characters or creations that represent you well, you're doing something wrong. Unless you've got dissociative personality syndrome or similar; I know someone who's bipolar and has two self-MOCs to represent that.


I think the rule with Secondary selfMOCs is that they're either supposed to be an alternate imagining of the selfMOC inspiration, or a foil to the primary selfMOC (at least, how I do it.)

My first intentional Secondary selfMOC was Drakaal. I had a bunch of other ideas for secondaries but they never quite got off the ground. I have a G2 secondary in concept right now.

For me, Rai and Ek are basically the same character personality wise, they just represent me in different universes. Ekorak is strictly BIONICLE, and Rai is for City of the Fallen. Sure they have different power sets, but that's because I like both power sets and giving both to one character would be very OP.

Nightmare doesn't represent me at all, really. The only time his personality and my personality match is when I stay up too late and become a very, very evil person. I just put him there because he's related to Ek so closely storywise. I should probably change that. XP

I got a slightly different impression from late-night CHC Skype conversations.

When I say up too late I mean like, 6:00 in the morning.

No its not HF what I mean is should my secondary self M.O.C be the main villain from my Self M.O.C Biolight's background story or should it be a Toa?

I have tried to make my other self moc
*green one

replace the one I am most known for
The metru hau and red one
thats a little hard to do.

I consider the green one (nisgi) to represent me more then the red one (ignis)

in fact, I dont consider ignis to be my self moc at all.

That's what I did....

Up to you, to be honest. If you think the villain somehow represents you or is closely related to something that does, by all means. Go for it.

I suppose you could say that The Answer is a secondary self-MOC simply because he acts like how I think I would if I weren't a Christian.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this?

Secondary Self-MOCs, let me think.
My "Self-MOC" would, I guess, be Katarax.
My "Secondary Self-MOC" would be a toss-up between Nordik, Takara, and Marendex.

Katarax is pretty much most of my character traits amplified to a humorous degree,
Nordik "supposedly" represents my more crazy/trigger-happy/pyromaniacal side,
Takara, not so sure, I just created her on a whim because I didn't have any female MOCs at the time (and I still don't),
Marendex is supposed to be an approximation of my impatient/perfectionist side.

Well, I personally don't quite consider him a secondary self-MOC, but I rather like calling Boost my HF self-MOC. One way or another, I still see him as a self-MOC, so yeah.

Here's what I mean. Basically Arxtann, my self-MOC, is a bit of a goof-ball like me, but he has a level of self-control. The Answer on the other hand is a total jerk who has no self-control. As I will show in Game of Shadows and Seeds of Doom, he's a treacherous, backstabbing, son of a ***** :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. So you think you'd be an evil jerk if you weren't Christian? Sorry to hear that.

Well, you do you, man. (I do appreciate the fact that you're saying that's what you'd be like if you weren't Christian, rather than assuming that everybody is like that if they're not Christian. Thank you.)


Actually, it's probably an extreme, but it's a thought I had in the middle of the night that stuck with me stuck_out_tongue

This could also mean that he has certain tendencies that are restrained only through his religion, and his secondary selfMOC is an exploration of what he would be like if that restraint wasn't in place. (At least, that's how I like to do my secondary selfMOCs.)

Yes, I assumed it was something like that. And as I said, it's a shame that he has so little faith in himself as a person as to think that he'd be a totally horrible individual without religion.

Okay, okay @Chro, @Hawkflight, I'm gonna stop you both right here.

Also @Leoxandar

Let's keep religion talk to a minimum/nonexistent, it's kinda against the rules and such.

A friendly reminder, kinda -Nyran