Secondary self-MOC: Zodiac

''Exhibiting the ferocity of a male and the passion of a female, Zodiac has exactly the charisma and balance to accomplish such a feat."

                                                                           ~Llotor,some dude from deviantart

my Genderfluid secondary self-MOC.
more pictures here:


The red balljoints annoy me, but the rest looks pretty good. Simple, but good.

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yeah :L i really need to get a bunch of black ones somehow
thanks BTW

I recommend Bricklink. I got 100 of them a while back and haven't really run out yet XD

nah. Bricklink is way too expensive (at least in the kanohi section)

Actually, the balljoints I got only ended up being about ten cents a piece. Kanohi are expensive, yes, but most technic parts aren't very much.

hue. i'll check it out then. also all i type in the search thing doesn't work,'nother reason why i hate bricklink :L

Search feature doesn't work. Go into "Buy", then go to "Technic" and search "ball". It should come up with balljoints.

not a single freaking seller ships here

I am sad

I really like this moc

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@Carrot8o That sucks.


Hi! xD
Anyways, how should I say this Zodiac right here. Well first of all, I really like the design of it, it's simple, but neat! I really don't mind the red ball joints, in fact, they kinda suits for her, sure I think black ball joints could work better, but I think the red ball joints are okay, to me. smile
I'm not so into that metru green vahki waist, because it kinda distracts the overall color scheme on Zodiac. But I guess it is kinda okay alternative color choice, if you have not the black colored vahki waist part(s).
The other thing that kinda bothers me, and this is not too serious, but on the arm area, I really dislike those "skinny" arms, altough it has armor on it, but it feels like those arms are skeletal, but I guess that it is good more articulation, maybe some lego tires fix the problem? And the legs also, I did not forgot those.

I'd like to give for this MOC 3,7/5,0 pts.
Still very simple but good looking MOC, but there are certain things that are annoying, distracting metru green colored vahki waist part, and those skinny areas are a bit irritating. But still, it still has a neat design! blush


Oh,i didn't know you were here xD

anyway,the green waist is there because i don't have a black one,so just ignore it.
and about the arms,they're supposed to be skinny,but i agree that it's kind of gappy.


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I have been here now something like almost 1 week here xP

oh lol

sometimes, I get confused about the gender

Should I think of it as a female in the body of a slender male, or a male in a female body? The Gender fluidity confused me to no end. Still a nice moc

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how do you make those feet i know the protectors feet and in the summer 2015 the skull warrior has spikes out his protectors feet

Very nice MOC! He/She looks rather feminine, but I guess the genderfluidity works, too. I like the gold and black color scheme.


I really enjoy the color scheme and the over all look of the MOC.

they look like the ccbs double ball sockets(the metru limb connector with a ball in em) with a regular medium/small ccbs joint for the toe

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Red balljoints look fine. Black and gold with red accents is a scheme I like.