Segara - Toa of the Ocean

She’s named Segara because, usually, I use Maori words for the names, but the Maori word for ocean was “Moana,” and you know why I can’t use that. So, here’s a toa of ocean or something.

If you’re wondering about the colors, they’re meant to be like… the ocean. Darker the lower you go, but at the top you’ve got white surf and (if you don’t have one of these in your oceans, I dunno what kind of ocean you’ve got) a floating head, of course.

Her weapons are wave emitters (get it, cause usually wave emitters are like radio waves, but here they’re normal waves… heh… kill me)
With some gold handguards to block attacks. Usually though, she fights with the elements.

NO… they are NOT clone sets… one is blue, one is… ok they’re clone sets. And no, I’ve never ever used that leg design in the past. Never. Not once.

On a more serious note, her wave emitters can be combined to be a shield or something, and then she can steal a weapon just like a girl would steal a hoodie

(seriously though, I’ve “lost” like 4 hoodies so far)

Obligatory edge

I dunno why I’m posting this at 2 in the morning, where no one will see it, but whatever. I don’t really like it anyways.


Try balancing the gold would make this look a lot better.


This is not why this is named Segara.

Jokes aside, this is a good MOC. Although the gold could be balanced more.


The gold could be distributed better, but the shaping and overall design of the MOC is great. I also love your use of Tarixs weapons.


Oh? Is it not?

Danke, and I have literally way too many tarix blades.

Ok, I’m a bit lost. What exactly do you mean by this? When building the moc, I thought that a little gold on the chest, and some on the ends of the extremities would be good enough, but now I’m just confused.
What do you guys suggest I change? Not trying to sound rude, I just want to know what I’m doing wrong.

There is way too little gold in ratio to blue

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You could say a boat of gold in an… ocean of blue :wink:

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Alright, so is that movie Hawaiian or Polynesian? I’m really confused.

(I really need to see that movie)

Anyway, this is a really good moc. I especially like the weapons.

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Hawaiian. Moana means ocean in both Hawaiian and Maori. When I learned that Moana was in Maori (which is what most g1 toa names were in) I was surprised too, but I guess it works.

Dude same.[quote=“MaximusPrime, post:8, topic:31153”]
Anyway, this is a really good moc. I especially like the weapons.

O danke

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I know that. That’s why I was really proud of Disney when I heard words like toa and tahu in the trailer. Not to mention the fact that he said he was from the pacific islands. But then there was some legal thing and now its Hawaiian.