Seisuki, the cursed bounty (wip)

She's at least 80% finished. I just need to bricklink some small parts and other colors of parts, I'm stuck for ideas but I also want to add hairish type design to back.
Honestly most of what I want is just certain parts in Brown.

I really liked the blade part so instead of a standard sword I designed it as a cursed blade I call Poison Edge (I might be playing a lot of rpgs recently.)

In my headcanon the blade would summon chains and force it's weilder into a duel; loser is absorbed and winner becomes its new weilder.


So like a Djinn Blade?

The MOC is great, but the feet are a bit odd and the Poison Edge has weird colors.

The colour scheme is really interesting and I like it. Green, brown and yellow all look good together, I feel. The only problem I have is the way it's dispersed. The top is almost exclusively green while the bottom is mainly brown and silver. If you can find a way to evenly disperse this I think it'll improve Seisuki a lot. I understand she's 80% finished, can't wait to see the final product.

The hair I'm experimenting with it being brown (if I can find a design that works and is in the color) and the lower arms should be brown; I just don't have metru limbs in brown. Upper arms are also going to be shorter but I only had 2 of the needed parts and those went into her thighs.

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This MOC looks a bit messy however I still like it.