Seisuki V2

She’s still a work in progress as I haven’t ordered the brown metru limbs yet but that’s all that’s left of her. My focus was to make it so the mask shoulderpads didn’t limit articulation and to make her torso smaller. I also replaced poison edge with a duel sided energy sword to fit in with her trans green.


Cool moc

To me the Keetorange or the metru brown looks a little too much
Probably use one imo
On the hand the torso looks well done

As of now the absence of any brown in the upper portions of the body is my main issue, though one those Metru limbs arrive, the colors will feel balanced. Sure it’s two different shades of brown, but I think under certain lighting it shouldn’t look too noticeable. Other than that, this is great.

I know you said poison and I’m not forcing this. but I can see her fighting and welding her opponents joints with the weapons on her arms so they are immobilized witch is kind of like some effects of some poison.

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Simplified Title - TOM
I like the colors on this one!

It’s a little messy in some places, but holds down an overall good look.