Self Moc Arken-The Dark Angel

Arken is my second self moc. The idea with him, is that with my first self moc, Night, he was base off things I like, but with Arken, it’s more personal base

with the hole personal reason (which I won’t go too much in to, just because) it’s so what base on the you don’t know which side your really on, you know light and dark, that old thing. But you don’t come off the person you are, at first, like I said just that old stuff. Now on to the build!

With the build I had this idea to have Arken, have some connection to my other self moc Night

I also added wings to, to get that angel look, but I do like the brutaka blades for wings I would of like to use custom wings, but couldn’t find a way to hold them up

As for weapons, Arken has two swords, at first I wanted to have one black and the other white, but I think they look better white

Here’s Arken with Night, and as you can see both Night and Arken share some thinks, like the skrall armour, Night using the slizer part on his upper arms and arken using the stronius armour, and my favourite part, Night using the noble Ruru while Arken use the great Ruru

With a connection it seem like both Night and Arken want to kill each other why is unsure

Well that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


The swords are Epic

This is a solid, well-made MOC with absolutely nothing wrong besides blue pins. Awesome!

The MOC is cool, but I’m not a fan of the upside down head. I love those swords, though.

well, this is pure epic

minor point of critique, upper legs are a smidge on the thin side. still looks good.

I’ve never beed a fan of turing masks upside down like this, but everything else is great.

This is a pretty well designed MOC I must say, love the leg design especially.

He looks great. Nice job

This is amazing!

The bottom of the thighs look a bit too thin for the rest of the MOC, but other than that the MOC is beautiful.

I really enjoy this MOC and its outline. It looks really imposing and I love the build.



Looks interesting but the proportions seem off.

This is a really good moc. Just to put some sort of critique here, the knees look like they could use some more meat on them, but that’s pretty much it.

Everything is perfect except the red and blue pins and the great Ruru used that certain way because I see on many other MOCS used the same way. I grammar.

I got to say it looks great.
Though the legs look a little too long.

I see red axles.

I read red axles.

I hear red axles.

Just kidding but seriously GET THEM OUTTA HERE!!! Nice MoC though. You really pulled off the angelic look really well. Honestly I wouldn’t change a thing except for the… the… you know… the… RED AXLES!!!

I lIke it, It looks really great! Where are his eyes though?

Oh errrm, where ever you want them to be, I don’t know, I never really think about