Self-MOC: Asokar / The Raider

This is my beloved Self-MOC he lives in a post-apocalyptic world where only the bravest can survive, his name is Asokar but he is only known as The Raider.


Interesting... There are some pieces of him that are nothing short of questionable, such as the color scheme and possibly the bone pieces, but other than that, I like this! Especially that gun!


how did you make it?

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@Lord_Tuma The color scheme is not made to look good it is made to look like his armor was made in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, so yeah but i must say the gun is definitely my favourite part of him.

Oh! I will admit, I did get those vibes! If possible, I would use darker colors like the brown on Pohatu 2015 and Metru Red.

@Whaddon it was actually really simple I just made an inner skeleton and put on a few gears, I recommend that you try experimenting with it.

@Asokar I agree with you on the color thing but I didn't have any dark colours at the moment.

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Is this thing Fallout inspired at all? Because that's the vibe I'm gettin'...