Self MOC | Beta Toa of Energy Revamp-ish


this moc is sick it looks simple but really cool PS the dab is dead lol

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Cool. Could be a little more colourful, but the silver is perfectly fine, honestly.

Starting to see an ever-growing trend of MOCs with capes


Wow, this Moc looks so coo…(sees dab) yeah you’re dead to me. /s

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There it’s gone happy??? :slight_smile:

u didn’t have to delete it but ok

You didn’t have to delete it, I was just joking. But the Moc is really cool.


It was always a trend.

Anyways, this MOC looks pretty alright, colors are fine and so is the built… nothing too crazy but nothing too wrong either. I’m left with neutral expression.

Not bad, could use more blue.

its pretty cool, though as others have said it could use more blue, when you have a color on mask it needs to be present as at least a secondary on the MOC, the mask will make it look like the primary.

I enjoyed the dab.

I now miss it…

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haha i know :slight_smile:

Very simple, but cool design.

Looks good with that cape.

The Inikabuild proportions really kill this for me. The rest is pretty simple but either the torso needs to be longer or the arms need to be shorter.

it’s pretty good, but I think he could use some mata blue armor on his thighs instead of silver, as well as on the lower arm, other then that I have no real problems with this moc.

I like the color scheme

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