Self MOC- Boxxer

Here is my new self-MOC, Boxxer.
Cast in the name of Mata-nui, Ye not Guilty

Once a construction worker on Bara Magna, he was viciously attacked by the sand tribe, losing both his arms and left for dead. He was found by a traveling merchant who took him to the nearest village and sold him, to be used in gladiatorial combat. He was fitted with a pair of basic prosthetic arms, which he has since upgraded into the quake gauntlets he wears today. These can also be switched for a pair of drills, allowing him to create sandstorms.
After many years fighting, he won his freedom and returned to the wilds of Bara Magna, vowing to use his new skills to protect others from the Sand Tribe.

I'll pierce the heavens with my drill

Generally he keeps his own council, but he will step up to any injustice he sees. He feels better in solitude and has a deep connection to animals and nature.
Powers and abilities
His prosthetic arms have the ability to store kinetic energy in the large pistons and channel it towards his fists whilst in combat, creating a pressure wave. When his drills are attached, he can create sandstorms, allowing him to evade his attackers.
Fourth wall breaker
It's been a Long time since I've posted any MOCs, I've been suffering from serious moc-block. I've finally gotten over it and have been working on this guy for a couple of months on and off. This is about the 5th iteration of the build, so much so, this version and the first version only share one piece, the mask. In terms of back story, it's basically the film Gladiator, I'm not really one for storytelling, but I like to give the things I build some kind of meaning.
I'm not really sure where to go with the character, wether to world build around him or insert him into the bionicle story somehow.
As always, C&C is very welcome.
All negative comments will be ignored /s
Shadow Boxxer ( been playing too much Zelda)

Not got a story for him yet, just liked the name.


The shoulder are is shorts,
But I really like him


I really like the cartoonish style that they have.
Really nice.

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@Sealman133, @AdamusTheFirst Thanks.

amazingly unique! i really enjoy the colour scheme and arms!

This is a nice moc, I like the use of the Zesk mask, though it does mess up the shape a little. Not much you can do about that, though. I like how you used the color separation. Really helps the MOC excel. Overall, great job!

@yolo360nosescope thanks, I like the colour scheme too, I got the mask just coz it was on a bricklink store and I needed to get to the minimum order and fell in love with the colour, shame they don't make ccbs armour shells in it.
@Jormad Thanks, It doesn't quite work with the shaping, it was a hangover from a previous build, without it he looks too skinny, but thanks anyhow :+1:

Very nice! I like that you can replace the hands with drills!

Do his drills pierce the heavens?

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@Traykar Thanks, it was more of an afterthought when I remembered about the rock raider drills I had. They do spin, but the connection is not the best.
@Leoxandar Yes, yes they do, lol :+1:

Yeah, I guessed that was the case. It looks really nice, though. Very creative use of the head!

That's uh... Some interesting arms ya got there, Boxxer. Nice parts usage.

The Roborider head on the shin there is kinda disproportional and clashes with everything else. Other than that it's not too shabby. Keep up the good work!

I love the colorscheme, the teal looks so good with the brown



yes, i did catch that reference.

this pulls off the megadeux vibe rather well, sir.

@Ghidora131 Honestly it looks better in the flesh so to speak, but I see where you're coming from, and I suck at custom limbs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Asriel Thanks, its two colours that I rarely see in Mocs, prob cos the real is so limited in usable parts.
@Sammythekat Cheers, that was totally the look I was going for. Big O was the first anime I saw and it's got a proper hold on me. :+1:

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Love Boxxer a lot. The colour scheme is one of the best things I've ever seen and that mask used as a torso is genius. The backstory is really good and I absolutely love it. Love the huge arm and drill thing, really cool. (Question: Are those shiny drills Lego?)

Sadly I can't say I'm a fan of Shadow Boxxer. The colour scheme is very black (obviously) and kind of meshes everything together (whereas you can tell seperate pieces easily on Boxxer). The mask torso on Dark Boxxer doesn't looks as good, it's a little bigger and wider. Proof (in my eyes) that using the same build doesn't make a good moc.

In the end however love these two mocs and I can see why Shadow Boxxer looks the way he does. He's supposed to be the completely black, evil version of Boxxer which for that he fits pretty much perfectly. I think I have to explain myself here because I feel as if I was very mean on my judgement of Shadow Boxxer. Basically, as a moc I can see a lot of room for improvement but for being Shadow Boxxer and fitting your story he's perfect.

@Power.Mocs Thanks for your comment, I totally get what you mean. It was just a bit of fun with the shadow version, I'm not happy with the onua mask either, it makes him look bulky. TBH, I'm really happy with him, Boxxer that is, and I've not seen very many Mocs with these colours. The drills are from the rock raiders lego line from the late 90s, I've been watching too much gurren lagann and had to have them. :+1:

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What immediately stands out to me on this MOC is the color scheme. I haven't seen dark tan, azure, and teal used together on a MOC before (or, at least, none that I can recall of), but they all work very well together. I also like how unique his overall appearance is, particularly the large forearms.

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Love the color scheme.

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you had my interest with drill arms and nice colors

you then got my attention with SHADOW Boxxer

it's nice and great

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