Self-MOC: Cordak the Last Makuta V3

My self-MOC's been undergoing a lot of changes over the last few months, so I decided that instead of reviving V2's long-dead thread, I'd just start anew, so here we go.

Long ago, in the farthest reaches of the Southern Continent, there was once a small Matoran village, tucked away but bustling with denizens. But these Matoran were unlike so many of their brethren. They didn't farm or carve or mask-make. They invented. They crafted not masks or tools, but miracles. Wonders to behold. They were the Nynrah Ghosts.

But their marvels did not go unnoticed by the impure of heart. Time and time again raiders from across the lands, from rogue Skakdi to Dark Hunters, tried their hand at invading the town and stealing treasures for themselves. And time and time again the Matoran were forced to fight back. Caught in turmoil and slave to those stronger than them by birthright, the Matoran moved from creations of wonder to weapons of war.

But one such Matoran set his ambitions too high. He didn't want to just overpower the invaders technologically. He wanted to be bigger, stronger, superior to them in every aspect. And so he crafted his desires for power in the face of weakness into a titanic suit of armor, granting the Matoran the strength and power of ten Toa. But he was not ready to handle such power.

The Matoran fought valiantly against those that would rob his brothers dry, and a fierce battle raged across the region. The Matoran's victory was great, but cost was greater. In the midst of the battle the entire village lied in ruin, the fellow crafters slain, and the mighty suit fused to the body of the Matoran by the powers unleashed. All that the Matoran had fought for, all he had lived for, was destroyed, and the tool of their destruction was forever chained to him. And so he departed to the wastes, lost in the weight of his sins.

Time and fate soon brought him face-to-face with another titan, a self-proclaimed Master of Shadows. Without true purpose or hope, the Matoran now only wanted vengeance for his brothers, against those that would dare to take the possessions of others for themselves. And so the titan took the Matoran in as his protégé.

Taught him the follies and lies of the Great Spirit.

Trained him in the art of combat.

Bred him to be the bearer of the great legacy of the titan's Brotherhood.

Even in the titan's demise at the height of his plans, the student lived on, swearing to carry on that legacy, and took on a new name in honor of the strength he had gained in his teachings.

Gone was the hopeful inventor. Gone was the Matoran. There was now only Cordak, the last Makuta.

And then Ekimu shows up because reasons.

Blah blah blah feedback is welcome and shizzle.


Good job! Love that weapon, and those hands.
The thighs look a bit bulky, though.

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Do you mean the actual thighs themselves or the overall look caused by the skirt-thing?

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Ooh, is that what they are??
Disregard my comment, I'm an idiot XD

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Hey, no problem.

Any suggestions on how to make it more prominent?

he's lookin nice. Samurai vibes

make them hang instead of contour to the thighs, especially in the front, and move the sides further back.

also, you need to make the shoulders more prominent, the arms blend into the torso.


I've forgotten most of what I said about V2 so I might rehash or contradict my last arguments.

Shins still need to be redone.

Color palette is pretty good. It might look a bit more striking if you got rid of most or all of the black parts on the inside of his body, so that the only black is the tendrils.The trans red needs to be spread out across the MOC.

Not really a fan of the elongated shoulder armor, but I suppose it's passable for a MOC of this size.

Forearms look weird.

Also his back is a bit too technic-y. Needs some more armor.

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Looks Okay, the large CCBS shell in the stomach looks odd.


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Amazing MOC! (Kills Ekimu) Just...... No!

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This moc is great. I love the color scheme.

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Mata Nui 4 life

Not to get off topic, but Ekimu is basically just a villager with a higher status, not a god! :stuck_out_tongue: Cool MOC, it looks great, 8/8 gr8 b8 m8 let's sk8! XD

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I got to admit this looks great.
But the black spikes look unnecessary and the trans-light green stud on the chest looks out of place.

This looks really amazing!

That's really all I can say about this.

Didn't notice that the notifications error's been blocking me out from my own thread's posts, but better late than never I guess.

Though admittedly over-the-top, I wanted something that gave him a distinct silhouette. Evil spikes fit the bill for me.

Also the stud's supposed to be his heartstone.



Also, @Skeletor, I've made attempts to apply your suggestions to how the skirt should be attached, though due to certain obligations I probably won't be able to get any new photos up until tomorrow.

Or later.


Despite being much later than I would've liked, here we go.

New placement of the arms, wider shoulders, new shoulder spikes to accommodate to the former two, and the skirt's been minutely nudged farther from the legs.

The new shoulders involved an extra joint, allowing for a new vast array of expressions.



Bask in its beauty.

Anyways, feedback is a go.


Very nice! The ability to shrug is always cool to see in a MOC.

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My verdict is pretty much still the same: frickin' change the shins

I forget, what did you not like about shins again?