(Self moc) Dagarak

My self moc Dagarak, a former Toa who currently lives in a jungle known for beautiful red flowers
Cloak on

Cloak off

With his team

I think he still needs some work on his torso and mask


I should also probably take better photos, I didn't have a good camera with me when I took these.

that cloak is a pretty cool idea actually.

Yes, the cloak is amazing and when he takes it off he does look a little incomplete but not a big deal at all. This is quite a unique moc, I love custom masks as they add more creativity to a moc. This shows it and it's great too see such a creatively thought out moc.

**Disclaimer: I only criticize to help improve **
First off, I love the cloak. It is brilliantly creative. I also like the size, shape, colors - just the general feel of him.
**things to improve **
I think you are right in saying the mask needs improvement. It has a very Sidorak feel, which I don't like.
Also the feet are just too big for him. It gives him weird proportions.
Overall, Very promising.

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He doesn't really look like a Toa, but I really like the MOC!!! smile