Self moc Djävulen

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/a/4/a44132c35487c0114cbc2e8b5edd460833395887.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”


He is a fire breading demon with the axe of despair!

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He is pretty good. But why is his torso sooooo long?

Cool! Torso is a bit long, but this MOC is still a-ok in my books

Pretty cool.
The torso is too long.

The MoC is so far away.

It looks interesting.

Toast demon, demon of toast.

Looks a bit weird, need some more/better pics if I want to properly comment on it.

Looks like your on the right path to make something great

I bulked up the torso a bit.

And changed the head up a bit and the axe.

And please don’t comlain about the tall body cause it is a self moc after all.


Reminds me of something from Dark Souls. Though right now the only complaint I have is the limbs are a little spindly. I like the structuring of the torso though.

I got more of a dragon centaur feel. still its good

You nailed the demon aesthetic, but the torso is waaaaaay too long.

I like how you used the exo force head.

The torso build is fine, but the limb are lengthy.

Someone can’t torso well.

The final pruduct for now along with rest of my mocs wich aren’t that impresive.

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a waist

the elongation of the torso

just for waist articulation?

Well if you made the limbs a bit longer, it would look better. But right now it looks a bit odd.

waist looks pose-able in multiple areas, but I agree on having the limbs extended and/or bulked a little bit more.

allright by removing a couple of pieces I made him a lot shorter and I kept the back and waste articilation and fully armored the back of the legs.

And he is better on crouching now.

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Pretty nice update man.