Self-moc: Dromus, Lord of the Skies

Dromus is a half human, half demon from a dimension made uninhabitable by war. He doesn’t like to fight but can take on 50 others and leave without a scratch on his armor. He is intelligent, resourceful, and will not stand for anyone to be harmed without reason. Dromus wanted to escape from the war on his planet, which was started by someone loosing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, so he created a device to allow him to leave the dimension. This worked, but the machine merged itself with Dromus, making him 40 percent mechanical. He has control over air and sound, allowing him to fly faster than the speed of sound and allows his twin Hurricane Blades to slice through metal, trees, and wool with similar ease.
(Note: the demons of his homeworld come in different species and powers. Dromus comes from a peaceful species.)

He can also balance on his head.

Story still work in progress. Will be updated with moc.


That’s pretty groovy.

alright moc but uber edgy and mary-sue story

still alright


So…does he have…like…actual character flaws?

7/10 MOC by the way.

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The head looks like the crown of the Lich King from WoW: WotLK. I would love a tutorial on that.

Head Tutorial:
First, your going to want to start with these pieces.


Thank you :smile:

The moc itself is pretty good tbh.

But that story is painful, it needs major reworking.

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I think the MOC itself is overall very good in its design.
Glatorian/HF hands. I’ve never been a fan of them, and this is no exception.
Overall, I’d give him a 9/10.


I’m actually really impressed by this one! Colors look great, that head design is extremely unique, and everything about him does scream to me “Lord of the Skies”. Maybe you could give him some more grandiose wings, though!

But besides that, he’s perfectly alright for me! Great job!

Really good moc. I like the head.


If Dromus belonged to a faction, it would definitely be Space Police II with the colors.


Nice work, he looks amazing!

Awesome! I love the custom head and the forearm cannons.

1 he has a crown
2 he uses it to break-dance

if that isn’t awesome i don’t know what is.
easily my favorite parts of this moc is the awesome head design, and the use of green and silver pieces.
great work!


The crown is my favorite part. Noice MOC.

Looks pretty cool!

In my opinion this Moc looks really cool. The build is solid and the swords and wings just add to the coolness. The head build is very good and unique. Nice work!

I got to admit this looks great.
Though the black wings look out of place.