Self-MOC: Ghosty

my self MOC Ghosty. This is his third version and probably the last. I'm still not really happy with his skinny waist,thought.

more pictures can be found here:


I've seen this guy floating around from site to site. He's nice, and I really like the color pallet he has. It's simple, but it works remarkably well. I'm not a fan of the lower legs however, they look thrown together. Furthermore, the lower arms could use some more filling in. Maybe some CCBS armor or some tires would do the trick.
Otherwise, this is a really good moc, and I am quite a big fan of it. I look forward to other updates.


Trust me, that waist is a lot better than a lot of other people's.

I like the color scheme and the hand design. The shin design is okay, but I think it should be a bit more armored. Also, the Kaukau and the chest design make it look a bit feminine, not sure if that was your intent or not.


I feel the look of the armor and the Kaukau is pretty nice. The torso is compact, which is something I adore about mocs when pulled off right (and here, it's pulled off right). Also, I honestly don't see how the Kaukau screams "feminine". It's never exactly fulfilled its purpose of being feminine. Eh, that's just my opinion honestly.

Also, about the waist, the only part I don't care for is that black TECHNIC bit on there. It seems really stuck on and not really nurtured and given proper use. Either get rid of it and try to add armor from the CCBS armor, or try to use that piece for something.


thanks Ventum! and yeah,i know what you mean about the lower arms,i tried to fill them a couple of times,but i ended up needing the parts i used,so yeah.


i personnaly don't think he looks feminie due to the long arms and big hands,but anyway.
yeah about the shins,i tried to make them more bulky,but when i first built him a pretty long time ago he was supposed to have skinny legs,so i try to keep him like that,but i'll see what i can do to improve him.

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This is a great MOC! The colour scheme of black and light blue is really nice. I'm agree with Hawkflight and Ventum for the most part. The waist may be a little on the skinny side, but that's a very minor issue in my opinion. The main gripes for me would be the wrists and ankles, which are too thin IMO. Though that's nothing a few tires won't fix. I also really like the feet even though they're a tad blocky. Really nice MOC!

thank you!
i would fill the ankles and wrists,but i don't really have tires :/

Cool but a few things just look... weird.


The feet and the knees.

shots fired

Good MOC. I still think it needs improvement but it looks good. Especially like the colors.



I like the use of the azure ccbs bones. It gives it a really cool look.


I'd love to say how good the build is, and how cool the azure looks.

But honestly.

I can't get over that mask. It looks so fantastic. (I'm a sucker for rare '01 masks). But yeah. Cool MoC! The incorporation of Technic and the micro-sized ball joints gives it a really distinct feel. Also, them feets. Nice. The proportions are pretty great, and that mask.

Ooh. Can't get over that.

why thank you :]

Almost everything
Cant tell of boy or girl


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