self moc help

i don't think i'm a very interesting person but how can i make him "cool"
i also have low self esteem so i have no idea on how to start it + boring feel sorry for my self stuff

I'd say pick out a mask you like, and use that to pick your color scheme. Then just use some building techniques that you like, I guess. Hope that helped, I've only made one self-moc before, so I'm pretty new to it as well.

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Take your favourite mask, take your favourite colour, find your favourite armour pieces, just throw them all together in a moc and see how it goes.

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plot:twist i don't have a favourite colour

What's your favorite element from Bonkle?

Sorry but this is the wrong category to post this topic.

The Ask category is for asking questions to Greg Farshety currently. I've moved it to the Lego Creations subcategory.

If you need moccing help, we have a whole topic with tips and various tutorials here:

Hope that helps!

-- Waj

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