Self MOC: Jedder

Since the new year is starting, I wanted to show off my Self MOC that I finally decided to build after a year of being active for real on DeviantArt.

Since this was my first attempt to build Jedder, I tried to go simple with him and not work too hard on getting him perfect the first time. But at the same time, I wanted to experiment with concepts that I had in mind for his design. The goal for simplicity also has to do with his story, which will incorporate Jedder’s updates as they come.

Bio: ______ was chosen to be a hero because of his unwavering determination to do the right thing, no matter the cost. He has already lived in service to his people, upholding justice and defending the weak. While he has struggled to do what’s right, even at great personal expense, his resilience has pulled him through great lengths to achieve the right goal anyway. Because of this, he was chosen for a greater calling than he could ever imagine: defending the universe.

Defending the universe is a monumental task. One must be prepared for anything, and ONE cannot work alone. Fortunately, he is not alone. He has two ancient beings, Asultuss and Tactilla, to counsel him and an experienced war captain, Rivaax, to prepare him for the battlefield. They are already working on developing his tools and armor for his missions. With his new friends at his side, he is training himself for whatever he may face: combat, diplomacy, and more.

With secrecy being of utmost importance in his role, he is ready to take up a variety of identities depending on the worlds he interacts with. But to his allies, he is known as Jedder.

Weapons and Abilities: Jedder’s armor and weapons are still in development. Currently, he wears armor composed of a rare metal that absorbs kinetic energy upon impact. This armor is enclosed on Jedder with a secret bond that makes it impossible to remove except by those who know the secret. This will not only help protect Jedder from harm, but also protect his identity. At the moment, Jedder is training with shock swords, which are more like electrical batons. These tools are composed of the same metal as his armor, so they can absorb damage effectively. They are also capable of generating a powerful electric charge, which can be discharged into targets through direct contact.

Jedder trains with these instruments in order to learn dual-handed combat, a style that he favors with weapons in close-quarters. His Ancient allies are currently working on upgrades for his armor and weapons. However, he first wants to practice physical and mental self-control so that he doesn’t get carried away by the great power he is to wield in the future.


Conceptually, very cool, and a nice moc for is basic version.

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You know those tube pieces on the batons are never coming off, right? Also I like the rest of it, to.

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simple and nice

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I actually figured that out later when I tried to make adjustments. X’D

Thank you! The pipe swords (batons) are just a temporary concept, but I’m glad you like them!

They’re more of training instruments than actual weapons, and they’re not permanent for the MOC. I have an idea for Jedder’s actual weapons, but it involves using those Star Wars lightsaber blades, so I’m thinking of ways to give them a look that stands out from generic lightsabers.

Might have been an influence for his (future) weapon choice. :smile:

It’s a simple but effective build. The weapons are a bit underwhelming but overall this is a good MOC. Nice work.

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I really like this! From the color scheme to the smooth appearance, this is great!

Solid work, have a badge! :smile:

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Gorgeous, maybe some more sand blue, also, nice use of pipes as swords. I never thought of using them like that. Very cohesive and simple design

Sleek and smooth. I like it. Although those tubes look useless as weapons, and the back of the legs look really under armored.

If I were you I’d keep them, it’s an interesting idea

i really like this , the build is nice and simple, yet still looking super cool

good job !

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This is very nice for how simple it looks!

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The smooth aesthetic looks really nice

Am I the only one getting a Star Wars vibe?

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This is awesome! You’re a great Mocest Jedder!

why would you purposely do that to the lower arms…?

@ThatchMac Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

@Payinku I was more focused on getting him built than getting him perfect. I just did that for better articulation. Wait until next year, I’ll get him looking better. XD