SELF MOC: Jemoph TITAN mark 8: Back in black

moar because I felt like it and I don't mind any critique about it's flaws

unlike previous incarnations, I don't really plan much melee-based things with this variation. I also decides to make more custom lower arms and a better chest and slightly tweaked upper arms

yeah yeah, no gimmicks yeah yeah lame

critique and Comment.


Wow. This MoC is good. Definatley better than anything that I could build.

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Either you're just not good at posing, or those legs just flay out too awkward.

Can't say I'm a fan of the whole "legs coming down from body" building technique you seem to like so much.

If you've ever looked at the human skeleton, you can see that the thighs/hips come out from more the sides of the pelvis than anything.


I don't pelvis enough

and somehow I'm a fan of the legs. For whatever reason it seems right to me

Look at this picture for a while and then tell me that again.


still looks fine

.... on second thought I've been looking at too many poses that defy human logic


I take it you didn't notice how his shins bend out awkwardly as if someone had broken his legs, or that he's attemtping some sort of strange, knee-based splits.


well since he has bell bottoms his legs need to be splayed apart. mostly like an A, though I guess I could upgrade the legs when I have time...

this is a downgrade.

stop pulling a google.
you're changing things that don't need to be changed.


....I can't remember some designs

I can only keep going

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- An overall consistent color scheme of black,silver, and gray
- Extremely bulky, which I personally like
- I like the utility belt, but the lack of weaponry makes me wonder why it's there
- I don't know if this is an issue in posing or not, but the legs seem to tilt outwards a bit too far.
- The arms seem to be a little too long for the body
- exposed axles and pins
- The head seems to be a little too far back compared to the chest
- The gap in between the Legs is too far apart

I give it a 6/10.
You have a nice idea going on, but it needs some work. (Sorry if I come off as rude pensive)

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it's EXTREMELY Deserved

He's too big

Anything and everything bad about him (well, except for the bland color scheme) originates from this.

Downsize him a little (or a lot) and try again.

We have a Reploid here.

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This is the part where he got good, and then you threw him off a mountain.

I literally don't know where to start.

I won't give my actual thoughts unless you ask, because I don't know how much devastation you want.

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Let's stick to constructive criticism, guys.

Saying that you dislike something user created on this boards and mentioning how it could be improved is one thing. Calling something trash and spending your whole post mocking it is another.



Shoot me, but I really like it! he looks like a little guy in a huge suit. the arms are sweet, I just feel he needs some big shoulder pads. maybe use the piece on his chest. now the feet..are good.