Self MOC, Luke the Toa of Kolhii

I haven't created a self MOC yet so I came up with this guy, Luke the Toa of Kolhii.

Back story:

Luke's father was the greatest kolhii player ever to live. So when he had a son, everyone thought Luke was going to be the next best kolhii player. The problem was he sucks. He practiced and all but kolhii just wasn't his thing. Later the Turaga called for Luke. He said that the Great Spirit told the Turaga that a new Toa was needed. And that is why Luke is there. The Turaga made Luke the new Toa, Toa of Kolhii. Now Luke must fight the Makuta and win the kolhii tournament or he will bring dishonor to his village.

Pictures are a little bad because of the shadows, I need another light, sorry.


Lookin' awesome.
Posing cool.
Practicing kolhii.

Breaking your kolhii stick is always tough.
Defeated by my other MOC, Karnas.


He's pretty neat. I really like your use of the Corroder Helmet, but I think the Mata Arms around the chest look a bit weird.


Now that is a Kolhii stick.


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I sure love me that Kolhii stick.

Not bad, not bad at all

The mata arms and the piraka armor on the side make the MoC look awkward.

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please tell me that there was at least one other person who though this would have a constraction figure head


Pretty cool! I particularly like the strap going across his body.

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Was bound to happen with the handle being so thin =P


Yea not really sure where I was going with those. Unfortunately this happend when I was building.


100% not a fan of the backstory at all, but the MOC isn't terrible.

Yea I'm not good at writing. But what was so bad about it.

He has a dad, is named Luke, and is a toa of sports.

Seems a bit simple

I thought so too lol, your not alone


Pretty good, but it could be better.