Self Moc: Makuta Salavar

Story: Makuta Salavar was just like every other Makuta. He rose up with his brothers and followed Teridax's plans to the letter, until he met Krika. Krika was a smart Makuta and warned Salavar about the plaan to awaken Mata Nui. Salavar left Karda Nui only to find the Toa Metru. They wanted to destroy him for his evil tidings with Teridax. But he repented for his sins. The Toa then learned that he wanted to help them. The Toa seemed reluctant at first but soon they warmed up to him learning that he turned his back on the shadows. He later came into contact with Takanuva and learned how to use his mask of shadows for the greater good. He then spent a millennium helping anyone he could traveling the cosmos and destroying what was left of Teridax's minions and plans.

Height: Same as Teridax
Age: ?
Eye color: Green (same as my own)
Kanohi: Black Kraahkan
Aliases: The Shadow Striker, The Destroyer, The Great Betrayer

Powers: shadow manipulation, extreme intelligence, very powerful, shadow rage mode, manipulation of elements, shadow absorption, absorb dead enemies' spirits.

Equipment: Shadow claw pike. Allows Salavar to drain darkness and impurities out of all matoran to make him stronger and also cure victims of shadow leeches. When in Kombat (lol) can send large amounts of dark energy into and enemy making them expand until they fracture into nothing but a spirit that he can then absorb.
Shadow Rage Mode: This allows Salavar to absorb any negativity and non-purified energy into him self releasing the pure energy so that he can use the tainted leftovers to make himself stronger.

Inspiration: In my 14 years of being alive i have been in love with Bionicle's idea building system and theme. I always wanted to create my own mocs but i lacked the gumption to do so. I always drew ideas from others' work. Up until a month ago i always did this, but then i pulled out all my scraps of broken and or damaged sets determined to make a fully custom moc. After LITERALLY 3 days of digging through bins and containers of parts i mad Salavar. He would be a good Makuta. Every one makes a bad Makuta that tries to stop the hero's' plans. I decided otherwise, and made mine fight against his own kind to prove that not everyone is bad because of one person's actions.d


3 days of digging through bins and parts? Ouch. You really ought to sort them somehow to make the building process easier. I put the pins and axles into fishing tackle trays and sort the rest of it by color. Some people sort the parts by type (feet, torsos, heads, etc) but you'll find a system that works best for you personally. When I was 14 I never sorted and looking back I wish I had so yeah that's my 2 cents smile

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When I said 3 days i meant thinking about what parts to use and how to make due with what parts i had. a lot of my ball socket pieces are junk so that took a while to find good ones and then coming up with a unique design and not copying others.

one problem Cliched mask it has been used with Makuta Teridax
and he is very similar to Good Ol Teri aswell

eh I thought it would be cools to use it for a good character, even though it was considered immoral to be used by "good" characters

I disagree

I actually think you did a pretty good job, the color blocking needs a bit of work and the lower legs should be changed, but otherwise I like it.

you should find another pohatu claw.


yeah thats my only gripe about it. im suprised nobody has pointed out the blue pin axle

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That looks like my profile picture.

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I like the torso, but I feel like a foot better than some gray Mata-feet could be used.

If i make the feet bigger it makes him harder to fit in his speeder, ship, plane, thingy

Speeder ship plane thingy? Where?

Ill be posting pics soon

I don't think he should have silver because It's too light of a color for a makuta. Also, he found the toa Metru? You are aware that they're turaga now right?

yes he was alive along time ago when the makuta first were sent to the swamp. which was many years before the toa metru came to be

Nice! I really like him. Dat second to last pic photo bomb tho.

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I disagree. I think that the silver looks great and makes him have a different look, like maybe he wanted to show he was changed.

and some Makuta used silver too

Neat MOC @MakutaSalavar! not many issues other then the odd green thumbs and red nails.

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yeah thats my mom