Self MOC: Makuta Visyrox

Here's my self moc that I made to day, and I'm pretty proud of it. The last time I made a MOC was probably about a year ago, so I think I made something cool for having such a long break. I appreciate constructive criticism and ratings. Thanks!


The torso is a bit blocky, but other than that he gets the bulky aesthetic across very nicely. He does give the distinct impression the armor pieces aren't quite large enough, give that there's a lot of technic visible on the arms and torso in particular, but it's not too big of a problem, I think. Antroz's mask is a good choice, I don't see it used as often as I wish I did.


I don't think I would want to mess with this guy.

He looks pretty good for your first moc in a year, but I have to agree that the torso does look a bit weird, but interesting

I like the torso tbh, What I don't like his how the shoulder pads don't really touch his shoulders. They just kinda sit above them.The two gunmetal CCBS shells seem a bit random to me since I don't see gunmetal anywhere else on the MOC. The shells are also just a bit too smooth for the rest of the MOC. Maybe try adding some little System bits and bobs on there to make them look a little textured. :3