Self Moc-Night: Darkbeing Form

The reason for this Moc is back when I first started Mocing, I what’d to make a half human, half beast toa team, but I drop it. But when I started doing my hole Darkbeing Mocs, I get thinking on doing a Darkbeing version on the first idea for my self Moc Night

My first version of Night was he had dragon wings and a tail, and with this I expanded it to be, well more dragon like

Give him some big wings, and I got to say, these wings were a pain in my (censored) (censored) to get on, so yeah

The head I wanted to use the mask of power for a long time, and I found a good use for it

For weapons, he has blades coming out of his arms, like wolverine if you will

A look at normal Night and his Darkbeing form, some thinks may not make sense now, but in time they will

Well that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


This guy looks amazing! I love those wings! The blades on the arms are also a nice touch.

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holy carp that is something beautiful right there

This immediately came to mind for some reason:


Very imposing. Great job!

Holy cow this is amazing!

Just… Wow.

Holy crap.

That’s awesome!

He’s so intimidating! I love his head design!

This is amazing. This is one of my favourite MOCs I’ve ever seen. It’s like an awesome mix of Makuta and an Elite from Halo.

Seriously, Fantasti-cool™ job! :smile:

When I clicked on this topic, I was expecting something mediocre

I was well surprised to be proven wrong
other then the boring colourscheme, its really damn cool,
the thin waist is kinda bothersome, but it almost adds to that beast kinda feel,
the wings look
I like them, but not that much
Wings are hard to make in lego form anyhow, so I applaud your effort

also, add more trans red to the upper body section, it really needs it

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Thank you, and also your right about that I need to add more trans red, the only reason why there not, is because I ran out on trans red

I have a BIG problem with this moc. I can’t find any problems :slight_smile: Hope this moc ends up on the moc spotlight. Great job!

Thanks, it would be good to have another Moc of mine up on the spotlight again. Thank you on liking it

I got to admit this looks awesome!
Solid Gold 10/10.

This moc is so cool looking. I have nothing else to say may the dark side lead you to even greater creations.

What set did you get the mask from?
Thanks :blush:

I know what you mean about the wings I made custom fabric wings once… now I know not the meaning of sanity

The mask is from the ultimate dume set very rare, but I got the mask from Bricklink, which it’s just as hard to get. Hope this help you

thanks :relaxed: