Self MoC || Nite Shayde


Pretty good. Just change the gear from yellow to black, please.



I’m still working on that :slight_smile:

fingers look a bit weird,othewise it’s great

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Not a fan of the fingers, or the blue bohrok eyes on their feet.

I like the rest of it though.

I really like the weapons, though the blue is slightly offputting, having no more of that color on the MOC.

Got a lot of potential here, but it’s got some issues to be resolved. The inconsistent blue and stubby neck are some good places to start.

Not huge on the blue distribution, but I really love the choice of mask. Not too often people use a black KauKau Nuva.

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Looks pretty cool
Where did you get the black Nuva kaukau

I honestly don’t remember :slight_smile:

it’s cool, but I’m not a big fan of the blue bohrok eyes on the legs and the random trans pieces.

The Mata/Nuva masks came in all kinds of colors in their base sets and in mask packs. It can be assumed that’s where it came from originally.

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nic spelng

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