Self-MOC: Orrel, Master of Psionics

Before I begin, I just want to clarify something. I know Orrel does not have the traditional colors of a toa of Psionics. Also, Orrel may have the element of Psionics, but he is a he. Orrel is not female. He is male. Just wanted to make that very clear. If you feel that you need a reason for this so that you can sleep at night, just PM me.

Also, before anyone cries "MOC Copier!", Yes, I did get inspiration from @Chro's Self-MOC. Or at least the most current one to be found on MOCpages. I decided a couple of months after seeing it, that I wanted to make an homage to it, but as I could not find my red skrall armor, that idea ended quickly. So I merely used inspiration from it. I also forgot that Chro had a hammer and I decided to give this guy a hammer because I could never build one well, and I liked the challenge. If you don't believe me, just don't post here, I don't want to here it. I was a big fan of Chro from back when I was on the pages as Pure Epicness. I would never just steal his design. so in case it wasn't implied enough, credit for the head, and shoulders, and for inspiration go to Chro.

His build in all of it's simplistic glory

In case it's not obvious, this is how the shoulder pads are attatched

His primary weapon, the Kinetic Hammer. This was inspired by the Protosteel Warhammer created by @Joev14

Here's a (hopefully) clearer picture of the hammer head design.

Here is his secondary weapon, the Quickshot Concussion Rifle (with blade attachment)

Obligatory artistic-ish shot

You guys can use any techniques that you can figure out from the pics. Just be sure to give credit where credit is ultimately due. So in other words to Chro or me. Whoever's design it was first.

Edit: Eljay, don't even start on the blue pins and open axles. I like the industrial look the axles give him,and the blue pins don't matter to me.

Story Details:
Orrel was one of the most recent Matoran Universe inhabitants to be created using the salvaged equipment from the crashed red star. He was created as a toa of psionics. He was one of the artificial MUI's to have the bug where their elemental gender was undefined, thus the gender was decided at random during the personality generation process. Because of this he decided to change his armor color to reflect the difference between him and other beings of psionics.

Orrel didn't really feel the need to always be on guard for some threat because on Spherus Magna, there was relative peace. Because of this he decided to just work for whatever job he saw first, which turned out to be a shipment loader at New Atero ports. his telekinesis came in handy there.

He settled into a life of general monotony. Every day he would do the same things: go to work, visit the market, go home. All of that changed when he received a message stamped with a red Hau...


I like how the torso looks.

Thanks. Most of my story based toa use that same sort of style (HF 1.0 torso + 3 length HF armor)

Okay, the way you attached the shoulder armor is quite clever. I've gotta try that.
I think you should attach a targeting laser piece to the gun, it'd look cool.
What are those things on the hands? I can't figure it out.


The color coordination could use some work. Also, were you aiming for a Gorilla/Inika-build style with the lanky arms? If not, I recommend trying to shorten the forearms or doing away with the custom hands. I really like that torso though. Back shot please?

Thanks, remember credit for the shoulder pads go to Chro

I actually don't like using targeting lasers unless they serve some purpose. Also, I really like the iron sights design that I used

Sorry for not having clearer pics. What I think you are referring to is the light grey parts those are lego agents guns

I see your point, but I like the black mask contrasting the white and red color scheme. I feel it gives him more of a non-caring personality. That fits me because I'm the guy who just wears the first shirt in the closet without caring which one it is.

Not intentionally, but I've grown to like those proportions. (plus Orrel is not my worst MOC when it comes do disproportionately long arms)

What? looks at pics...Sorry. I'll get one up as soon as I can. I'll shoot for before Biocraft. But seriously, I'll try to get them up by tonight, but no promises.


The black mask looks fine to me. I was referring to how some of the red high-lights look a bit out of place.

Yeah, I plan on including more red in a future update (Whenever that may be). I assume you are talking about in the inika arms specifically. Yeah, I planned on changing that at some point. I just never got to it.

Edit: @legomaster1378 Now I remember why I didn't take any back pics. the back is pretty much just the back of the HF 1.0 torso. Before you complain, I think that the torso looks pretty armored from the back. plus he's not a warrior, so he doesn't need a carp-ton of armor.

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Oh, heh heh, I took a closer look at the hands, and then it hit me what those were. Never mind that.

No problem

Orrel v1.5 has only a few adjustments. I was never comfortable with the gappiness of the upper legs, so I changed them.

I also included back shots this time @legomaster1378

And a back shot if the legs as well

Next update will probably be back story.


Nice! I do recommend you try and find some way to spruce up the back a bit. Also, dynamic posing does wonders for a MOC's appeal and a viewer's impression of it. Think this sorta thing:


Yeah, but I was just trying to get quick functional shots because I rarely have time to take pics.


Nice MOC! Thank you for giving me credit. I'm glad to have inspired you. smile


I (finally) updated the main post with story details.