(Self Moc) Scorpio The Berserk

Self moc blah blah blah, ready for critism yay go me. This moc is inspired by Barbotos Gundam, in Iron Blood Orphans. Welp, here are the pictures (My poor grammer):

Deez nutz- Scorpio


Hold on, that a bootleg chestpiece. TRAITOR!!!


The moc looks interesting, but I don’t like how it lacks complexity in the feet and hands

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I like the colors but the feet are excessively large.

My main problem with this MOC is that its torso is ridiculously short and its legs as a result are ridiculously long. But it’s just me striving to build more human-like MOCs proportions-wise. The color blocking is not very good either, I’d make shoulders and chest white and the rest black, titanium metallic and red/trans red. The hand design is cool, and the feet are dope imho.

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Kill the heretic.

The feet are Really big

bit overkill of red on tail n feet if you ask me