Self-Moc: Tarnek, The Elder Droid

To put it in a nutshell, Tarnek was originally a biological life form until his brain was used for a software, thereby making him an AI. He resides in a Pre-Dark Age war torn sentry with his arm being replaced with the arm of a Droid: Stalker. Stay tuned for that one later, by the way.


This guy is pretty awesome looking. I like the torso :smile:


Oh this guy is cool. Love that metal arm.

Question - is the big handle thing on his back a weapon? If so, I’d love to see a shot of him wielding it.

Interestingly groovy man.

Pretty cool dude, I love that torso.

It’s a secret. You’ll see though one day. Maybe in a week or maybe tomorrow. It just depends.

That’s a cool little torso he’s got there. Really compact.

The aesthetic is quite interesting, it’s quite unique.

Could use another colour

MSI laptop :slight_smile:

That torso is pretty cool. I like the silver arm too :smile:

Yep. A MSI GX60, to be exact.