Self MOC: Taven the Reaper

Taven is one of the Three guardians of reality (life death and time) Taven is the guardian of death and acts like a grim reaper. Taven is the embodiment of death and he chooses if one will die. He has made many friend’s and foe because of his ability’s. Though he may not look like it Taven is a real joker and doesn’t know when to be serious and when to stop having fun. Ability’s include stealing souls weakening any materiel just by touching it bringing things back from the dead scaring the neighbors cat and flyght.


Truly a remarkable power


what no scaring the neighbors cat :frowning:

Really sloppy, looks quickly thrown together I think.

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I think it looks pretty cool.

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Agreed, but some better photos would be nice, try making a backdrop out of paper or cardboard and having something to keep the camera still.

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Hey you stole my idea :wink:

Anyway, I quite like this, just needs better lighting to be seen clearer

It’s cuz of the typo

a little better with the lighting but the eyes look dull no colour to them

The lighting is not good, but not the worst I’ve seen.
Pretty good.

Edited title for capitalisation - Chilly

I think a lack of eye color is fitting for a representation of death itself.

I’m focusing more on how random that painted white chest piece is.

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but death has eyes stone white eyes

its grimm reaper rule 001

Nice use of the krana.

Sounds Like a country rock song

but not every detail has to be present


Ditto on the lighting, but from I can see it looks sorta messy and cluttered. Still looks cool though.

Am i the only one getting warhammer 40k vibes here?

Looks pretty cool, but I would like more pictures if I were to judge it accurately.

People have their own interpretations of things


I use two white foam boards for mine. You can get them at a dollar store.

Judging by the pictures, I’d guess you’re taking them with a phone or similar mobile device. The best you can do is get natural lighting and make sure the camera is focusing on your moc.