Self-MOC: Toa Åskara, The StormLord imgur pics, flickr user jakobekvall for more pics. Åskara is a part of a toa team where other members include EarthquakeLord, PlasmaLord. I dont have a real backstory for him.


Woah. That’s some good stuff, well crafted. Those CCBS shells on the torso IMO should be black to even out the colorscheme.


He’s awesome! Not sure how I feel about those HF cores on his thighs…


It’s really great. Aside from the previously noted thigh hero cores.

did you mean to have it’s name be Swedish for thunder parrot, or was that accidental.

Nice to see another biogramer join here btw


Yeah lol i just took åska and added some bonkle name sounds to it

I want to see a version with a brick built parrot head now.

possible /s since I kind off want to see it

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Looks fantastic, love the color scheme, though I’ve never been a fan of the Noble Komau.

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I really like the color and weapon choices for him. :smiley:

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I really like what you’ve done! Although, already noted:

And I don’t know hoe to feel about the lightning nipples…
But ye, 9.7/10

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Didn’t expect such a nice MOC! It’s excellent as a self moc!

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This is really good! I love it! The Hero Cores are eh, but other than that, it’s built very well, great job! :smile:

Also, I edited the Title for Capitalization.


Hey, good to see you on the boards as well as Flickr! This guy is great, well shaped, and well colored. The detail on the upper torso is especially nicely done, and this is one of the few times I can genuinely say I like the use of the Komau.

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Still great! I always like seeing people using that sword piece!

This is amazing!