Self MOC- Toa Echo, Reaper of the Undead

This toa used to look up to kopaka when he was a little boy, and even got to meet his idol right before he went to rescue ekimu. Unfortunately, Kopaka was killed after his mask was knocked off, causing the toa to be picked off one by one. This toa is now the last one alive. With his sword alone, he decided to take out the skull villains that killed his only inspiration in the world. Skull grinder, slicer, and the scorpios are know dead, that only leaves two more. But, that’s enough back story for now. Here he is, Echo V2…

Awesome pose of awesomeness

Him enjoying the nice day outside.

Him running at a certain something.(I had to get stitches… ow)

So, what do you think? Personally, I love him, it’s my favourite Moc I’ve ever made, more posts soon.


He seems a little scrunched.
I mean, the build itself doesn’t look bad, but something irks me about this.

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I know what you’re talking about, it’s the lower body. I like it, yea… but it could be better. But, as people say, nothing’s perfect.

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Pics are a little blurry, but I can’t say much, seeing as my pic quality is the same.
Also, nice color scheme.
It reminds me of Canada.

The quality is the best it will be.

IK, that’s why I said

Well the color scheme appears alright, but I don’t know how I feel about the skull spider mask. And I will say this: The torso does seem a little too long and thin. How you go about fixing this is up to you.

I like that name: Toa Echo, Reaper of the Undead. I don’t care what you do with the MOC. Just make sure you keep that name and title.

If anyone wants to revamp it, please do so. I have limited parts, and would like to see the potential he could have.

Not half-bad, but could use some work. If you can find a chest plate to put on the paw piece on his chest now, I think that might work a bit. Also, maybe find an armor piece that you can pin to the lower arms, there’s that Technic piece sticking out that has nothing attached that seems like a missed opportunity.


Psith. I trusted you. Why do you do this to me

A bit… spindly

I dunno why I’m still receiving feedback in this. It’s gone. It actually sucked compared to my newer stuff lel.

Because, people look back at your old stuff.

Then it pops up at the top and people assume that it is a new moc

Yeah, his body looks a bit long, but that color scheme is nice.

White and blue is better =P