Self MOC - Toa Xavious

Yeah so I guess this is my self MOC, made it a long time ago. Got any suggestions on how to make the legs less spindly?

I don’t know how to make the photos orient the right way so, lol deal.


Rip those hands… Why not just use an HF one?

Yeah…when Bionicle was originally canceled I kinda went through a phase where I boycotted Lego and thus missed Hero Factory in its entirety. In retrospect, that was really dumb cause HF had decent mocing parts. Oh well

Time to go for those bricklink parts amirite?


For an old MOC, and for a MOC with no CCBS, it’s pretty good. Reminds me of before HF, where a lot of MOCs looked like this. Torso is probably my favorite part of the MOC.

As for the flipped image bug, you can put them on a site like Flickr and download them from there. That fixes the bug. (There’s other ways i’m pretty sure, such as PMing a Mod)

The torso looks good, but the limbs are a little skimpy in comparison to it. I’d suggest bulking them up a bit.

I would recommend using other armor pieces on the legs or a custom assembly to get them less spindly.

That mask is sweet.

Oh my.

Regardless, this is a pretty sweet moc.

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