Self-MOC: Tohru the Assassin - Revamped

Last night there was a snowstorm in my area, so I decided to take some pics of my revamped self-MOC in the snow before it melts away (and the snowy habitat he lives in fits his personality; cold, withdrawn, imposing).

There are many changes I made to his original design:

  • Completely redesigned his pelvis and waist
  • Slightly modified his upper torso
  • Made the scope on his mask a bit thinner
  • Replaced the Ninjago blade on his Razor Edged Protosteel Sword with a Hewkii Mahri warblade
  • Replaced the Shuricopter fins on his arms from his previous version with the frost pieces from Kopaka 2015 (to represent lightning bolts pulsing from his gauntlets)
  • Bulked up his lower legs a bit by adding the piece of unity
  • Gave him a cape and an arm cloak (I do not have any of the Star Wars buildable figures, so that’s why it is white instead of black. And, it fits in well with the background)
  • Added the silver Kalmah armor for a sword holder, and a metru blue Inika thigh on his back (I really like the metru blue here, despite it being only in this spot.)

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback! :wink:

Front shot

Overlooking the snowy mountains

Placing his sword in the ground

About to stab

“I want you…to kill a Toa today!”

@Axelford If you’re going to draw my self-MOC, please draw this version. Thanks! :smiley:


Is that



Nice moc btw, it’s defiantly a huge improvement from the last version



and yes, that’s

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Thanks for notifying me, I’ll make sure to draw this one. I like the additions, especially the white and blue. Although better fabric is needed-it kinda looks like a tissue at the moment.


Yeah…If I get around to picking up Vezon’s or Karzahni’s cape I’ll definitely do that.

it is tissue paper…please don’t judge me


This is definitely an improvement for me although the pelvis seems about one or two units too long. I think a Vahki waste (or if you don’t have one something with similar proportions I can DM you just lmk) would be more appropriate. Otherwise I quite like this, us assassin SMs don’t get enough love :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I do have Vahki waists, but all of them are on Mazeka’s vehicle ;-;

I see. I can DM you an alternative module tomorrow if you’d like.

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Yeah, that would be good. :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s impressive! This looks so, my one gripe is the Cape, you could use the white cape pieces off of the Star Wars buildable figures (the range trooper) but apart from that I say this is a great revamp, can’t wait to see @Axelford drawing of it. Do you think you could take a photo of it in a t pose, so I could get a good look at the build?

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Yeah, I’ll do it later. Thanks for the feedback! I was really going for a weathered and battle-hardened look with the torn and tattered cape.

Don’t have any spare vahki waists?

Boy do I have the solution for you


Funny enough, that was what I used on my self MOC’s first iteration, except with the regular ball joint (I don’t have voodoo balls)

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bruh you just stole allll my thunder




I like it, but the build could use some work. Especially around the waist.

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What do you mean?

Who me?

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@Eilrach Here you go!