Self moc: Traykar the Swift

NAME: Traykar
MASK POWER: Animals don't wear masks, silly
MOC STATUS: Assembled
STORY: Somewhere, somehow, a group of Individuals thought it would be a good Idea to graft machinery to Rahi and to use them as cannon fodder, and thus Traykar was created. Deployed during an assault on the City of the Mask Makers, scout unit 44 malfunctioned and stopped dead in its tracks. About a month later, after the hostilities ended (With the Toa getting beamed up by scotty and whatnot), a debugging subroutine reactivated the dormant creature. With the last order's in its memory bank stating "Attack the city" The lone solider marched on wards to complete it's mission. but still defective, the unit re-designated itself as "Traykar" and developed a brash, loud, optimistic demeanor. upon entering the city, Traykar was apprehended and was sent to the deep-water prison, located in the region of water, known only as the Pit.

The back

The front

Hands up

Run Traykar run


Video call

Hey! can you see me!? I'm waving!

closeup of the legs.

Closeup of the torso.

With the rest of the team, any suggestions as to what I should call them?

Traykar: Which of you ate it? Who ever ate the last Chicken sandwich is gonna die!

Keltor: That was you.
Traykar: Oh, right. =P

And yes, I know the arms are too long. I don't have any good solution that doesn't require me removing some of the custom limbs.


Great work. Who's the huge white guy?

nice moc, but the name is kinda similar to Taylor swift XD


Edit: Redundant title is redundant.

The torso is nice, very compact. Good lower legs too.

@ MaximusPrime, That would be Redek in the quadruple M, another moc of mine, here's the link.
@ nexolo That joke isn't as funny as you think it is.
@Xing1870, The redundancy was intentional, it was supposed to be humorous. XD

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O ok...

I might have misread his name as Taylor Swift...

That joke is nowhere near as funny as you think it is.

Man, I didn't known that Taylor Swift was a Werewolf that's looks good nice job, :smiley:

Because humour couldn't possibly be subjective could it?



looks nice, I really like the color scheme.

he looks pretty good, I like him, although I'm not a big fan of the random white on his tail nor that name. Seriously man, Traykar the Swift? cough cough more like Taylor Swift cough cough

@Spiderus_Prime The joke is dead

@EvilLobsterKing whats your point?

@Moonlight_Catfish Thanks!

@Runa Thanks!

@The_Hervibore The joke is dead.

My point is that to the people making the joke, it may be very funny.

Humour isn't universal, so declaring that joke as not funny doesn't make a whole lot of sense...

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First, at least my name doesn't sound like Taylor Swift, second, did you just call me a cow?

Third, did you just edit that post?

None of you jack-wagons even know where the name came from do you? You just keep coming up with snarky comment after snarky comment and I can just as easily tell you why your username is crap. Traykar and Taylor both share T,A,Y, and R, However Traykar has an R,K, and another A, and the only people who can mix up the two are the dyslexic and the moronic. The name Traykar stems from the word Tracker with obvious differences to make the name unique. The swift is added to the name, because he runs fast. Deal with it.

@The_Hervibore so what if I did? You want me to change it back herbivore?

dude like calm down there


did you just spell my name wrong? now your just taunting me.

@Looch, On what grounds should I be calm? I've worked on this mocs for years to try and get it ready for TTV, and this is what I get? Taylor swift jokes?

@The_Hervibore I apologize, that was a knee jerk response, but have you not been doing the same thing to me?