Self-Moc: Traykar

NAME: Traykar
SPECIES: Cyborg Frost Wolf thing
ALIGNMENT: He who holds the Chicken Holds Traykar’s allegiance.
OCCUPATION: Adventurer
MASK POWER: Wolfs don’t wear masks silly.
WEAPONS: Spear, Shield.
MOC STATUS: Assembled
STORY: Trayker was built in a Lab and escaped. That’s pretty much it so far.

Fun fact, His neck now has two points of articulation, so there’s that.

Another fun Fact, while previous versions of Traykar had an exposed spine on his back, this is the first to have a spine in his back, so that’s good, lot harder to rip out now, eh?



Really nice parts usage in the torso and the torso in general
I like the colors but it could use a bit more white


The torso here looks quite nice, from front and back.

Thank you!

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i really love this line

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Lol, Thanks man!

He has some nice double jointed legs, but you should give him a slouch, like make his neck jut forward like Onua’s. When you have that combined with two jointed legs, it makes a MOC look menacing. A slightly longer neck wouldn’t hurt either. Try this peice if you have it:

His neck has the posability to do that, I just normally have it pointed up. I have that piece, but it would make the neck too long.


I quite like the torso and legs but I think you could add some more white or remove the color completely so that it does not look out of place on the tail.

Thank you, I’ll probably do something like that.


thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

You really like wolfs.


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