Self Moc: Traykar

Howling by

NAME: Traykar
SPECIES: Augmented Frost Wolf/Wolfen
OCCUPATION: Adventurer
MASK POWER: Wolfs don’t wear masks silly.
WEAPONS: Claws and teeth
MOC STATUS: Assembled
STORY: Trayker was built in Axceleration Labs, to serve in The Artificial Laboratory Research Assistant’s War Games. ALRA was under the impression that Okoto was under the threat of attack, and resolved to create an army to combat it, he created the Wolfen as that army, and set up numerous War Games, with the intention of Training the Wolfen into a competent Militia; The Opposing side being unfortunate Okotans who had wandered too close to the laboratory. Through unknown means, Traykar escaped the lab and is now wandering the Ice Region’s Wilderness.


This looks great, but that head is just amazing

muchas gracias

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It is definitely a giant upgrade. Heck! It is a new moc! But make the lower arms more consistent. You can put grey hair pieces on it!

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My only complaint is that the gears on the legs feel a bit odd. Otherwise this is amazing. Great werewolf silhouette. The head is particularly great.


i love the head

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Your self-MOC is a wolf…? At least it’s a well-build wolf.

It all looks cool, but what’s with the random trans blue in the arms?


Is there any reason why it shouldn’t be a wolf?


Eh, it’s a holdover from earlier versions,I’ll probably remove it at some point.

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Take out the trans blue in the arms and we got a great monochrome moc.

Seriously though, it either needs more blue or less blue.

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Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll get on it.


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Nope, just not what I expect.

It looks great, also is that what your avatar is? I thought it’s a deer.

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nice :wink:

are u a furry lol

Very well built. however, the only place trans blue is on the arms, so try to distribute that more.

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My only complaints are the clashing textures and weird looking tail, so I’ll get that out of the way.

This is simply a great MOC. Props to making a custom head, that’s awesome. On both four legs and two he looks pretty awesome. I appreciate what looks to be some type of technic function, at least on the back. Also, you really got that wolf look down.

Props to you, man.

Thank you! I’m afraid it doesn’t have any sort of technic function in it, but the rest lines up.


A what?


Poorly drawn wolf

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A lower jaw would be amazing…

Everything else is great though

Much thanks. Such wow

do you not know what a furry is? bc i don’t wanna talk about… them.

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