Self-moc Tytan

Leader of the X squad, son of Terror the slayer of most of the great beings, intelligent, dangerous, level-headed and must live with possibly the dumbest god since Goku, Deathrattle.

The main character in my Bionicle universe, but by no means the strongest, nowhere near the top 10 (probably 29 in my universe and possibly in mid 50’s or 60’s altogether)

P.s it’s meant to be an i not a y for the name but it wouldn’t allow it.


The loner arm could use some work, it sticks out. I would like to see better pictures, try using a lamp when you take them. As well as more pictures it is hard to get a fell for the moc due to this.

I’d love to see some better pictures so I can see the build a little better. Try moving to a brighter room and maybe using a back drop. If you need any suggestions on what to use some white poster board works nicely.