Self moc V2

Hello. This is the second version of my self moc that I have made. I think that it's a great improvement over my first posted moc.


Action 1
Action 2
With my other moc
Also, he needs a name, his last name was Lamahu, bit I don't think that makes any sence now. So make up a name for him if you wish. Also for the other moc that was with him. Thank you and have a good day.


Wait, is the disk launcher back armor? Because I have two issues with that.

  1. If it's not, then it must be a weapon, and if it is then Disk Launcher + Huna = Vakama Metru.
  2. If it is, then it doesn't look good. It's not really something that can be used to substantially cover up a build.

Unless it's a jet-pack.

In which case, awesome!

Everything else looks okay except the black feet and the mix of Mata and Metru red. I'd go with Mata and pick a different mask.

But good job!

I hereby dub him "Meister Agent Sire Carl Esquire the Seven point Fifth"

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Name him Matt

Actually I was thinking of it a a jetpack like contraption. And no its not a weapon

@Cyclopian Nice.

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His name should be talorkon
Pros are 2 points and cons are -1 points

Nice Build
Decent color scheme from what i can see
lower arms are asymetrical
Hunas are always cool
Legs are pretty good

Lighting for pics
Left arm seems thrown on and last minute.

Overall... 8
Decent score. Fixing up that left arm will make this moc even cooler

Actually I thought the arm looks interesting and a good change from vakama metru. Plus yea it kinda was thrown on at the last minute. And the pictures were from my phone. But thank you for your pros and cons and I will try to fix the arm

To bounce off what @Cyclopian said, I would name him: Master Alugor The Third (MATT for short)

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Well, he IS your self-MOC. He should have your name.

That is very true but the name was too funnym

What about Mattallica?

I disagree, I think any name he likes would do.

I mean my self-MOC's name is Ghar. In fact I'd wager most self-MOCs don't have the MOCist's actual name.

The two shades of red clash with the colour scheme, but other than that it's a pretty good MOC.

I originally wanted all metru red but I only had the two peices. I thought the metru red on the top and the furno red on the bottom was a compromise. Not a good one mind you, but a compromise none the less

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