Self moc version 2

The weapon is a work in progress.


Looks like someone else has Onepu! Cool MOC! I quite enjoy the aesthetic that it gives and the armored look it has! Good job! :smile:


The body looks flat,boxy and awkward,
but everything else is great,especially the thighs.

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Thanks for the criticism.

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Dear me, this is purple.

It looks fantastic.



Reminds me of g2 onua

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From the front, this guy is awesome, but how far his shoulders are really recks it for me. But, I love the legs, those are amazing. :smile:

The front is very nice looking.The arms and legs don't seem too well proportioned however.
Also the side view looks bad. Relatively no armor near his neck, some gaps, and an elongated neck.

This is great! I love everyone about it! But I won't talk about the weapon as it is a WIP so yah! 9/10 goo job!!!😁😁😁

This looks good, great job.

10/10 nice

@Spoooooopy_velcro yeah, they are similar.

@PekekoaOfJungle thanks! wrecks :wink:

@SpookMeister yeah, I was kind of thinking that when I was building it. I personally think that if the arms were longer they would look too long.

@RedHuna101 @Das101fulYT @TBT_Emerald thanks!


It looks really good. An awesome self moc.

Thanks :smile: