Self-moc WIP: a reinhardt inspired, war hammer weilding dude

This is my self moc wip. Some of you might have seen my first sefl moc which was a humanoid Wheatly basicly. Buuuut since that was basicly Wheatly from Portal 2 i thought i should make something else. And that thing came togehter from how much i like reinhart from overwatch, my character from skyrim, a orc with a big hammer, and that i wqnted to make a moc with silver and hints of purple as his color scheme (not that original i know) and experiments with the Onua hammer parts…

Please give as much feedback as posible since i am stuck on the legs, which in my opinion are kinda bad, and have no clue on how i should make the arms.


This looks really cool so far!

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@Mr_sp00k thank you

Really don’t think that the claw part on the torso works at all. The rest is looking pretty promising so far though

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@Ekorak what claw?

I think he means the Onua claw piece at the bottom half of the torso. I actually like it, though. The Top part of the legs look a bit short to me. That’s about the only critique I have on this great WIP moc.

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You know, for having such a large hammer, he seems a little unarmed.

I think it looks great so far, though perhaps add some more purple? It’s a little too silver, that could just be the lighting though.

I like it, though the head could use something extra, like horns or something.

Looks very cool so far, liking the torso design.

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@Stoax @Hutere @Payinku @Radiation-7901 thank you all. I will see what i can do to improve him.



I enjoy the hammer…

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I flew here the second I saw that title.

Anyway, yeah, needs horns or whatever. but it looks good so far! just a bit generic…maybe give it a brighter secondary color?

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@EvilLobsterKing Thank you. @RaptorTalon I’m glad you like it and i’ve actualy come to the same conclusion so i’ll see what i can do.

Looks pretty promising. You might need to add more colors though

For a WIP it’s looking good. I like what you did with the onua claw pieces.

But the upperparts of the legs look to small, to me at least.