Self Moc: Xeroni

I've been commenting on here for a little bit, but this is my first official post, so this is exciting. Anyways...

Here's my self moc, Xeroni

Gender: Male

Race: Artificial Demon

Inspirations: NONE

personality: cheerful, yet shy



I used my phone as a camera, so the pics are kind've bad
anyways, the character himself
the only survivor of the artificial demon experiment, his mind was wiped of the entire experience due to trauma.

now i'm basically gonna give alot of info about these "demons," so you can skip to the weapons and powers if you want.

There are 2 races on this continent my story takes place on, those being villagers (basically the humans of the story) and demons, who are faster, stronger, and more durable compared to villagers. villagers have tried to make themselves as powerful as the demons, even though most of them don't want to harm them. The first experiment was to turn people into demons, by giving them all the demon genes, which failed. then they gave them the single gene which allowed them to wield "abbadonic weapons" without killing them in the process. abbadonic weapons are weapons that start out as orbs, and then morph into a weapon based on their personality and will, at the cost of mutations in the body i.e. discolorations of limbs, growing of claws, along with giving the user one superpower, basically. anyways, they succeeded in the experiment, but all but one, that one being Xeroni, wasn't mentally unstable. Xeroni was released and wiped of the memories, while the head of the experiment killed the other subjects and fleed with the papers.

Anyways, powers: artificial demon
Xeroni can wield abbadonic weapons, along with being able to turn on and off his mutation, which is white, a color naturally impossible to be a mutation from AW's.

energy tangibility
Xeroni gained these powers from his abbadonic weapon, Deucalion. the ability allows him to convert any kinetic and potential energy from any solid into a tangible structure (kind've like the laterns from DC, but kind've different). he can make shields, spike traps, pillars, etc.

weapon: Deucalion:
Deucalion is a bow that has can shift depending on if his mutation is on or off
when off, it has the ability to create arrows that can use energy tangibilty
when on, it can use send arrows that can pierce through anything, but can't create as powerful structures from the energy tangibilty

when mutation is off:

when mutation is on:

cool pose thing:

really like constructive criticism, especially on the weapon.
see you on my next post (or on a reply, whenever)


An overall pretty average moc. It's pretty well covered up and cohesive, but I guess that that's just a branch-off of my only major gripe about it, which is pretty major. It's just basic ccbs/HF build. It's good that you bothered to cover up the back, it's always cool to see non-mask heads, and it's great that the backstory fits into the moc. Overall I give it a 6.5/10. P.S, why is there a chain on the side of the head?

Part of an old version i forgot to remove is the reason why

also thanks for your opinion!

Love that head and the neck guard!

Constructive criticism time:

  • Try standing your phone on some books or something to get better pics. Also, I recommend finding a nice plain white sheet to use as a backdrop. Good-quality pics and background will do wonders for presentation. As it is some photos are so blurry that it's hard to make anything out.

  • Do some formatting. Embolden your section headings and titles in order to make the text easier to read and assimilate. It makes the MOC come off as much more professional too.

  • It's a pretty solid CCBS MOC. Love the bow. Not sure about the legs, The upside down torsos as a kind of battle skirt is a neat idea but something is just a tad off about them. A bigger priority would be to replace the gunmetal shins with silver ones in order to tie the colour scheme together more.

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My pleasure mate! Looking forward to seeing updated pics. :smiley: