Self MOCery


my self moc




I think i could make it look a lot worse. I actually like this.

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:clap: :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

It’s nice to see a self moc of you

It’s really cool! Just one question…is this topic for your moc alone?
@JMP so…this topic is for your picture alone right?

The sword kinda blends in with the background

Crud… Oh well, excuse for camo mode or something idk


I have to say, this is a pretty sweet drawing.

Looks pretty neat.

Looks a tad bit too human-ish. White pixels are also really noticeable.

But it looks good. :smile:

Oh, so that’s what the title means. Alright. Sweet drawing.

Hey, thanks for drawing my Self-MOC! :smile:

Nah, just kidding! But they do look pretty similar!

Really nice looking, it reminds me of the animations in a way!

Better than anything I could draw.

I KNOW I could make it look worse. Beat that!

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I just made this art bad, beat that. Hey um can I post the Bad version of this by any chance, Or delete it?

You didn’t ask permission