Self-Sacrifice Theory: Makuta VS. Toa Nuva

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Okay, this just occurred to me: could the Toa Nuva have killed Makuta simply by merging with him? Yes, I specify Nuva, and here's why: we find out in Legends 5: Inferno, that when Antidermis and Energized Protodermis mix, it causes a reaction that destroys them. The Toa Nuva became Toa Nuva due to Energized Protodermis. If they still had EP in them, say coursing through them, could they have killed Makuta, and likely themselves as well, by getting Makuta to absorb them like he did Nidhiki and Krekka?


It sounds probable. But the only way we could find out if this could happen is Greg.


Theoretically, that would work only if Toa Nuva still have, or at least have the transforming property of, energized Protodermis inside them, because the Antidermis was destroyed due to the fact that it's not destined to transform.

But from what I've known, EP-transformed objects doesn't have ability to, in any way, transform others according to their destiny like EP.

So I don't think that would have worked. :smile:

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I don't think with the Nuva. However, due to the toa Inika's weaponry, I think it would have worked with them.

Maybe if we pester Greg enough he'll make this canon!



Probably not the Nuva, but someone carrying a container of EP might be able to kill a Makuta.

The Toa Nuva may have transformed because of EP but I doubt it's part of their bodies. Interesting theory, though.

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My question is: why would Makuta knowingly absorb something that is essentially deadly poison for him? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The basic idea is that he doesn't know it was EP that transformed them, or the Toa throw him into a rage and he forgets.

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We're talking about the villain who had plans inside of plans inside of plans. I don't think he easily forgets something.

Fair point. But like other's have mentioned, we don't know if the Nuva have EP as their equivalent to blood.

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I don't think it's their blood, per say, just that some is in their blood.

We don't know that. Greg would, though.

To the person who brought up the inika, they would absolutely destroy makuta.


Actually, in Inferno, Kongu destroys a faux Makuta.

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A bit late, I know, but Toa don't have blood. Of course, this also raises the question of why they have to breathe, but they don't have blood.

Maybe they do have blood.
They have muscles.

No, they don't. If they did, we'd know about it, considering the amount of dismemberment that's happened in G1, especially towards the end.

Dismemberment happened? gulp

You mean G1?
This. This is why I use Caps Lock.


You can't prove anything

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I'll remember this.
I will not say a word about it