Selfmoc revamp: Nekkran 2.0

This is my revamped selfmoc Nekkran. The last version was big and bulky while I am a bit skinny, so I changed it a bit. The backstory is the same and it is in the post where I put the original moc.

I also added purple and gold…
Haters gonna hate I guess…
Please give your opinion on the purple and gold…


The color scheme doesn’t flow very well. His chest is uncovered and the torso itself is not that great to look at. The thighs are interesting, but they seem to big for this particular MoC. I like the feet.

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Ok I see what you mean…

Where did you get the Purple shells?

It has a pretty decent design, but the colour distribution is really off.

The color of that gold arm doesn’t work for me

I got the purple shells in Onua 2015 and I’m revamping this further.


The biggest issues here are the color scheme and the chest. Plus the purple back-spikes don’t really flow well with the MOC.

I say the gold doesn’t really fit, unless you were going for a mechanical-arm thing. Also, the neck looks odd.

Nekkran, the character, has a robotic arm with a sword. As for the spikes, legs and the thin neck, they are part of the species I came up with.

These are just my own thoughts, criticize as much as you want.

I think the eyes mess with the color scheme. Try making them a existing color. One good thing is that it sure looks alien, so you achieved what you’re going for. Congrats

I was going for a look that has at least some things in common with the original moc. The blue eyes are staying.
Nekkran 1.5 looked like this.

But I decided to make it smaller for various reasons.

Also, sorry for the image quality.

Here is the original Nekkran topic if you want to check it out.