Selling Bionicle Figures on eBay!

Hey, so I have a few ads up on eBay. If you’re interested check them out! Selling as lots, but will sell separately for the right price!

Ben 10 Lot of 3 Figures:


Why are you selling that Kikanalo, it’s SPECIAL EDITION

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Ha, I wouldn’t if I had a Lhikan figure to go with it, but I doubt I’d find one alone

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Might be interested, if you’re willing to work on lowering the shipping price.

I actually just found a much smaller box to ship em in, I’m gonna update the ad with cheaper shipping costs
@Nogus101 Just updated it, I dunno where you live, but it should be cheaper calculated shipping now

It says to ask seller for shipping quote. Depending what the shipping is I’m very interested.

I’m in South Carolina btw

Oh I see, alright going through Canada Post’s website it looks like it’d cost around $20, or $25 with tracking to ship from here to South Carolina

Dang that’s a bit pricey for shipping, and i don’t wanna spend much more than 50-60$ in total. Which only leaves 30-40 bucks for you, usd that is.

Yeah I don’t blame you, it costs quite a bit to ship over the border. Well, if I don’t get any bids before the auction ends, I’d definitely consider giving up the lot for $40 USD

just so no one in the future comes and clicks all the links just to be disappointed, they’re all bought already